WIP Wednesday

28 01 2009

Time to come clean with my WIPs!

I’m making good progress on my Calvert Cardigan. I’ve completed one sleeve and am making headway on the second sleeve.


After that comes the hardest part, the assembly and the bands… I’m not really looking forward to that part. I think I’ve made my life harder by slipping the edge stitches, especially since I’m supposed to pick up stitches all along the edge for the bands. Anyone have any advice as to what will make my life easier?

Also on my needles are no less than 3 socks. I can’t say I’ve knit on 2 of them for a while but one of them at least is progressing. Forgive me the overexposed photo but it’s mighty hard getting good pictures at night!

WIP Wednesday socks

From left: one sock I just started last weekend, out of Tricoquelicot Laine Claude II in the Spring Forward pattern. The middle sock is sock #2 of the Rococo socks. The one on the right is my Herringbone sock, which has the hardest pattern for me to remember if I’ve put it down for more than a few days. I’m really hoping to get at least the heel done by the weekend, and maybe after that I can pick up one of the other Rococo again. As it is, I wont have a finished pair in January!

So that’s what i have on the needles currently, but that’s not counting all the single socks still waiting for a mate.



4 responses

28 01 2009
Kim Mazza

I was reading your blog and saw that fabulous puzzle piece add on knitting board you used for your cardigan. Where can I search to get myself one? I would really appreciate the tip.

Thanks a bunch.

28 01 2009

Hmm, all I can remember about picking up stitches for bands and such is pick up 2 out of every 3 rows (or was it 3 out of every 4?). Either way, slipped edge stitches mess that up a bit. You could go in and use the first non-slipped not quite edge stitches instead, but that would leave you with a lumpy ridge inside…

28 01 2009

Can’t say I’ve ever had to deal with that problem. Nice socks though.

30 01 2009

Go sleeves! I would do the same thing that Chris said. I slipped the stitches on Kailey’s tulip cardigan and ended up picking up the slipped stitches and knitting them through the back loop so they where twisted.
Lovely socks in progress, have to say that the herringbone ones are my fav đŸ™‚

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