Monday night weaving

2 02 2009

My Monday nights are now occupied by a weaving class. I’ve been wanting to try out weaving for a while, as an extension of my love for all things “fibery”. Conveniently, I found out that a weaving class would begin in January only a few minutes from my house. I’ve had 2 classes so far with 8 more to go including tonight’s class.

In this class are a few advanced weavers and 2 novices including myself. There are a bunch of floor looms as well, from pretty big to much smaller like the one I’m using.


During the first class we were told to pick two weaving yarns and were shown how to create the warp on the warping pegs and then we were shown how to attach the warp to the loom. Then started the back-breaking work of threading each strand through the heddles on 4 harnesses. This part was completed at the beginning of the second class. Then started the fun part, the actual weaving part.

Getting ready for the weaving part

The teacher has us do a sampler, with the the weave changing every few inch so that we can become familiar with some of the main weaves. The fact that the warp changes gives a different look to the same weave.


In the picture above you can see that the first third of the warp (the vertical strands)  is green, the second third is red and the third is one green strand and one red strand alternating. The weft are the horizontal strands. I’m alternating working with the red and the green, changing every couple inches.  Each weave looks different depending on the warp and the weft as you can better see below:

2 color sampler

I’m quite enjoying my class, even if it is back-breaking. I’m hoping that we can work on something of our own before the class is over as I would love to make a scarf out of some of my yarn. I would love to be able to have my own loom at home, but after having to sell my spinning wheel I can’t rationalize the purchase of one. I guess I’ll have to be happy with the class!

Some weave I don't remember the name of

If you’re more interested in weaving, here’s a link to a wikipedia entry on weaving.




8 responses

2 02 2009

My goodness, that makes something like 5 or more knitbloggers I read who’ve taken up weaving lately!

3 02 2009

It’s a blast isn’t it? I took two quarters(?) of weaving through the local art center form a very talented local weaver. I had so much fun but alas – unless I was planning to purchase a loom (not!) it just felt like I was playing. I’d love to own one some day though. Your sampler i lovley and looks very much like what we did. Keep it up and keep on going for as long as you can!

3 02 2009

I’ve just learned more about weaving than I’d ever hope to learn on my own!

3 02 2009

Weaving looks like great fun!

4 02 2009

I took a weaving class last spring and just loved it, I’ve been putting a side a little money each month to buy a loom. Your weaving looks wonderful, I can’t wait to see more.

4 02 2009

I love all that texture! It does look and sound back-breaking too!

5 02 2009

i’m intrigued and love the work that many have been showing, but the setting up part kind of turns me off. but it does look like fun once you get going.

14 02 2009

How about rigid heddle weaving, since money is tight? When I started, I couldn’t afford a loom, but I found a used rigid heddle for $9 and made a backstrap loom. Check out Betty Davenport’s book on Textures and Patterns for the Rigid Heddle Loom from the library. You can do so much with 2 harnesses and a pick-up stick!

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