Some knitting progress has been made

1 03 2009

It’s crazy how much sock knitting I can accomplish when I’m not working on a sweater…

Since I finished my Calvert cardigan, I’ve knitted the second sock to my Rococos (seen in my last post), made good progress on both the first Herringbone Rib sock (foot and heel complete) and my first Spring Forward sock (foot, heel and half of leg done) and finally cast on to the second Celebrations sock.

3 socks

I knitted the first Celebrations sock for the Sockamania KAL back in May of last year. I had a real hard time of it but this second time around is going much better. I’ve only 2 repeats to go before I have to knit the heel. I made a little mistake on one of the cables, it’s hard to see on the photo but you might be able to see it if you look on the biggest picture. All the cabling is hard on my wrist so I didn’t feel like ripping back to correct it.

Celebration sock #2, almost a year later

I’m really happy to be finally catching up to all these single socks I have accumulated over the last year. After I finish this pair, there are 3 singles socks that need a mate plus 2 socks that need to be completed and that need a mate. Hopefully I wont start knitting some new ones before I’m caught up!

In other good news, my box bags will be available at tonight’s update at yarn4socks! You can check them out here! I really hope they work well! If they do, I see a lot more box bags in my future! I’ll always be offering them here first though.



8 responses

2 03 2009

I’m enjoying my box bag! 🙂

Pretty socks.

2 03 2009

I’ll have to dig out all my singles too. I think this summer will be about matching up some pairs for Autumn/Winter.

2 03 2009

Your socks all look great! I’m trying really hard not to cast on for another pair while I’m working on sock #2. 🙂

2 03 2009

Your socks are so pretty!

2 03 2009

Don’t those singles just niggle at you? Very pretty show and tell!

3 03 2009

The socks look great!

3 03 2009

look at you go in your sock knitting frenzy! Your socks are so pretty, I especially love the herringbone ones.

5 03 2009

WEll done on all your sock knitting. Don’t worry about small mistakes. On this month’s Sockamania sock I made an error on one of the rows and didn’t notice till I was nearly at the heel and just left it.

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