Quilting Monday

9 03 2009

The last few days I’ve had quite a bit of time to work on knitting (I finished one sock and am making very good progress on another one) but I got quite a bit of quilting done as well.

All this quilting was spurred by a quilt-along organized by Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson!.  Elizabeth is an amazing quilter and sews really beautiful quilts that appeal to me very much so when she decided to organize a quilt-along, I couldn’t resist. If you’re interested, you can check out the details here.

Before we get started with cutting and sewing, I really wanted to clear out some of my backlog of quilts, so this is what I did over the weekend.

I had a quilt that only needed a binding so after an evening piecing the binding and another few hours of machine sewing, my quilt was done! It was very windy outside so I only got a couple pictures of the quilt.

Stacked Coin quilt

and the pieced back

Pieced back

The quilt is now on the back of the couch and all I want to do now is sew new matching pillow covers!

A few months ago I had sewn together small scrappy quilt blocks and this weekend I finally got around to finishing each block with orange sashing. I got a lot of blocks so the quilt will be quite big. A friend of mine suggested that I add an additional sashing around the blocks in another color, but I don’t know yet if I should or not.

Scrappy quilt blocks

What do you think? And if I do add sashing, which color?

Now I’m all ready for the Mod Sampler quiltalong! I’m still waiting for a couple pieces of fabric to come in but here are most fabrics that I will be using.

Mod Sampler fabrics

Can you tell I’m addicted to Denyse Schmidt prints? : )  I can’t wait to get started!




9 responses

9 03 2009

Pretty!! I love how the coins turned out. The scrappy one looks great too. I always want to do something like that and never have the guts. Yours is fab. I like the idea of more sashing also. Maybe bring out the teal or yellow or hot pink? It would be quite bright if you did that. Maybe just a neutral if you want it less busy.

9 03 2009

I love the green and white quilt. It looks so springy. As for the still-to-be-finished blocks, I’d add a narrow band of sashing in a dark color (black or brown) to frame out the squares and make them pop, then I’d sew strips of white between each square to separate them and complete the “popping.” Whatever you do, it’s going to be beautiful.

9 03 2009

I love that small-scrappy-block quilt. & if it were mine I would add a narrow sashing, just a shade lighter than the reddish fabric framing the blocks themselves…

9 03 2009

The white and greens quilt is wonderfully springy.

9 03 2009

As a quilter I would add the sashing. I like the fabric in the bottom row that has the little blue and orange dots with the yellow flowers. It will make the orange pop out.

9 03 2009

I loved seeing your quilting projects! I don’t know if you need a sashing or not. When I squint my eyes, the golden yellow pops out at me. So maybe that color would make a good sashing color?

9 03 2009
linda p

i love the fabrics you’ve picked for your next quilt! that gray/gold denyse floral print is one of my all time faves.

for the orange scrappy quilt, what about grey sashing? maybe that’d look crazy, or maybe nice?

good job on finishing up your spring quilt!

9 03 2009

your making me want to run upstairs and dig through my fabric stash! Love the quilts. I vote yes for sashing on the scrappy orange quilt. What about thin stripes of a light blue?

10 03 2009

What pretty quilts! I’ve just been catching up on your posts and I’m amazed at all of the different crafts you do. So talented!

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