Orange you glad?

11 03 2009

For some reason unbeknownst to me,  two of my WIPs are in a color I’d never thought I’d ever use. As you can guess by the title, this color is Orange.

My first one is something you’ve seen just recently, but it does look a bit different than a few days ago!

Frames quilt

I decided to go against the sashing, but just because I couldn’t find any fabric in the stash to use. Last night after work, I just started sewing and within a couple hours I had a finished quilt top. I think that’s the fastest quilt top I’ve ever sewn! I’ve found this great fabric that I’ll use for the backing so all I still have to figure out is the binding.

Frames quilt - with backing fabric

My other orange project is my Fast Forward socks. I finished the first one a few days ago.

One Spring Forward sock

The pattern and the yarn work really well together and the fit is perfect. I’m looking forward to wearing a pair of orange socks, although I don’t really have anything that will match the socks!

Orange you glad it’s not banana?




13 responses

11 03 2009

Oooooooooh. Pardon me while I moan at the Kindergarten joke…..

(Nice orange socks!)

11 03 2009

Ack! Knock-knock joke flashback…

That sock seems a good antidote for the grey weather.

11 03 2009

I’m loving everything about this post.

11 03 2009

Both projects are great, but I really love the quilt!!!

12 03 2009

The quilt top is beautiful – so cheerful! Will you machine quilt it or tie it? Love the sock, too.

12 03 2009

The quilt turned out great! What fun socks!

12 03 2009

I love the quilt. I’m quite tempted to jump on that bandwagon! The socks are adorable. Orange is just one of those colors that sometimes sneaks up on you, graps hold of you and says: “HEY! I will NOT be ignored!” I love it!

12 03 2009

Love them! Both. Orange is such a happy color.

12 03 2009

In the new issue of People Style Watch (a guilty pleasure), they say that orange is the “hot” color of the season, so your new quilt is right in style!

12 03 2009

This is amazing! I would love to make a scrap quilt like this one day. I love that you used orange for this…I’ve only ever thought to use white or beige for sashing, but this looks so good!

14 03 2009

That quilt is awesome! I like the one you finished a couple of posts back too. How could you not be happy wearing those socks?! 🙂

16 03 2009

gorgeous quilt and socks. i love orange!

22 03 2009
Darcy Watts

When I call my friend she says yellow and I say orange you glad I use dial;)
I love the color and pattern just gorgeous.(((Hugs)))Darcy

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