Random Wednesday

18 03 2009

I’ve got a lot of things to talk about for once, so I’ll just do a Random Wednesday. At least that way I’ll cover them all, albeit shortly, rather than forgetting!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who’ve said all these wonderful things about my orange quilt and sock. I really, really appreciated every single compliment! Since the last post I’ve sandwiched the quilt and have started quilting it. The quilting pattern I’ve chosen is the most complicated I’ve done so far so it might be a while before I get it all done. The turquoise and pink backing is perfect for the quilt, even DH complimented on it!


I’ve finished another pair of socks, the pair I was hoping to get done in March. The socks are the Sockamania KAL pattern of last May which I knit in Kollage Yarns 1/2 N 1/2, a wool and  milk blend, yeah, I did say milk… The yarn is really soft and was nice to knit with. We’ll see how it wears though.

Finished Celebrations socks

I’ve made a few mistakes, especially knitting the second sock, but it’s nothing dramatic. They’re a tad on the big side, just like the Rococo socks I finished a little while back so next time I see my mom, if they fit her, they’re hers! If not, I’ll just wear them as is.


My weaving class is going well. At last week’s class I finished warping the loom and starting weaving. In the photo below you can see at the bottom a scrap yarn section, then I wove a stabilizing in tabby weave and then I started a rose path weave (the little diamonds)

Just getting started

At last night’s class I wove about 3 feet of rose path. It’s going really fast and I should have the scarf done by the end of another class or two. I’m using a skein of Shivaya Naturals Fingering Merino for the warp (the darker color) and Yarn Sprout Merino Sock for the weft (the light pink).


Last weekend I had the chance to participate in Denyse Schmidt’s Improvisational Patchwork Workshop at her studio in Bridgeport, CT. I love her prints and her design aesthetic like knitters love Elizabeth Zimmerman, so it was really an awesome treat to be able to meet her and do a workshop with her. There were 7 other participants, Denyse and her assistant Richard. Richard was awesome, he would go around re threading the sewing machines, picking up bits of thread and pieces of fabric laying around. I would love to have someone like him around when I’m sewing! Denyse is wonderful and super interesting. The workshop was definitely worth doing and I hope to be able to do Part II next year! I came back with a few goodies from her studio as well as some great pictures, which you can all see here. If you want more details about how the workshop went just ask in the comments and I’ll answer your questions.

Goodies brought back

Random Random

My aunt sent me the link to this today. Hilarious!




10 responses

18 03 2009

Forget the comments, I need to have a whole conversation about the workshop with you! Maybe meet for coffee next week?

18 03 2009

Wow, the weaving is beautiful! You make me want to sign up for a class!

18 03 2009

Is your scarf actually a stole? It looks wide on the loom, but I don’t know anything about weaving. I love the patterns in it though!

18 03 2009

Wow, that is so cool that you participated in that workshop! How fun! Your projects all look great, too!

18 03 2009

Wow – what you have on the loom is fantastic. So beautiful.

18 03 2009

Pretty socks! And wow – you are sure keeping busy – weaving classes, quilting workshops…

19 03 2009

The orange quilt is beautiful! And you know I love your scarf that is on the loom. The diamond pattern is one of my favs. So simple to do yet gives character and texture. Wonderful job.

20 03 2009


Check out Karma Kitties’ mushroom swap!

22 03 2009

I do love your weaving! and your pretty pink socks too. Have to let us know how they wear, the yarn sounds really soft!

23 03 2009

Great socks! Your weaving is lovely. My sweet hubby surprised me with a loom for my birthday this week.

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