Belated WIP Wednesday post

26 03 2009

I really wanted to post this last night but my latest WIP was just not ready to be photographed early enough. So this morning, quickly before I start my day, I’m taking a few minutes to take a couple pictures and post.

Yes, I admit to yet another WIP. It was really a surprise project as I found out yesterday that my colleague, who just had a baby 2 months ago, was going to have her boyfriend bring in the baby next week to our office. I then decided that it was more than time for me to finally knit her a little something. I decided on the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap.

Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap

After casting on the smallest amount I stitches I cast on and knit the edge. I quickly realized that there was no way this was going to fit a baby’s head, as it looked like it would fit my head. I measured and checked online and indeed, it would fit a older child’s head, not exactly what I was going for. So I took it all out and after yet another failed cast on (too short tail for the long tail cast on) I finally succeeded in starting a hat that I think should fit. But I will really only find out next week, if I manage to finish the hat on time!

Meanwhile, I have been working on winnowing down my single socks. My latest cast on is the second Marigold sock I’m knitting out of Madelinetosh Sock in Chamomille. I’m really looking forward to wearing these!


I’m on the home stretch now, with only the cuff to knit. I would have finished them before the end of the March I think, but now with the extra baby hat, I’m not sure I will. After I finish this pair, my single socks count will be down to 3 plus a fourth that needs to be finished before I can knit the pair. Not bad, I’m almost seeing the end of it now.

My last WIP is a quilting WIP. I get to work on it a little here and there but I’ve only 6 blocks left to sew and I’ll be ready for sashing! Here are the existing blocks in no real particular order.

Getting there!

I’ve joined the Mod Sampler Quilt A Long and am having a great time with it. Of course, lots of people have already finished their quilts, but I think that always happens in A-Longs.

I guess I should mention my weaving project as well. But as there is a saga involved, I will keep it for another post!




6 responses

26 03 2009

I love the colors for the baby hat – knit like the wind!

26 03 2009

Oh, how I love the colors for your quilt! I can’t wait to see it sewn up. That sock yarn is gorgeous – and the pattern really complements it. You are so crafty! (and that is the ultimate compliment, you know!) 🙂

26 03 2009

Good luck with the baby hat! Your socks and quilt are coming along nicely too!

27 03 2009

With any luck the baby hat will go quickly. I love the yellow color of that sock. A lot!

29 03 2009

I’m loving the yellow socks! What a fun quilt class and your quilt looks really cute.

29 03 2009

I love those Marigold socks! You have some great projects in the works.

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