30 04 2009

You know you’re a knitter when less than 24 hours before leaving for a week’s vacation, the only thing that’s packed is your knitting.


Knitting, packed

I’m bringing the Chamomile baby hat to work on the plane, the herringbone rib sock and the spring forward sock. I think that should be enough! I would love to bring my Ishbel with me but I’m weary of losing it if my suitcase happened to get lost.


Suitcases, not packed

Tomorrow evening DH and I are flying down to Orlando, having breakfast with Alyson and Travis the next morning and then making our way to Cape Canaveral to board the Disney Magic for a cruise to the Western Caribbean. We’ll be heading to Key West, Grand Cayman, Nassau, Casteway Cay (Disney Island) and then back. We were supposed to stop in Cozumel but due to the swine flu our stop has been changed to Nassau.

In a couple days this is where I'll be!

This is our first cruise so we don’t quite know what to expect. But we’ve heard only good things about Disney cruises so it will be fun no matter what! The only excursion we have planned is snorkeling in Sting Ray City in the Caymans (my snorkeling gear is the only thing already in my suitcase!).

I’ve seen that there was internet access on the boat so I’ll definitely try to get on the internet a couple times. Maybe I’ll even be able to post about how my trip is going on! If not, I hope to be able to show you some FO’s when I come back!

Been sewing again!

25 04 2009

After a few weeks of mostly knitting (I don’t have anything to show for it as everything is still at the UFO stage) I finally got some sewing done again.

I sewed a few box bags, trying a new technique and new materials. I was mostly successful with the new technique but I think I almost got it figured out, so maybe in the next batch! Even though I was only mostly successful, these bags are in perfect condition and would make some lovely project bags!

I used some heavier weight cotton rather than regular quilting cotton for the outside, this way they should hold up even better to pokey things like needles and such! I also tried a totally different size bag, more flat and wide. I can still fit a pair of socks WIP in it but maybe it could be used for different things as well!

Tropical 2

A month or so ago, when the Orla Kiely stuff came out at Target, I was really excited about the Flower print and was hoping to score a tablecloth or even towels that I could use to make some box bags out off. Sadly, the only thing I was able to find in that print was 1 single placemat. This week I got around to making 2 box bags out of it. This week also, after being done with those two box bags I went back to Target and lo and behold, Orla Kiely stuff was back in stock! Including the Brown Flower tablecloth! Guess how fast the tablecloth made it in my little hands! So now I can make more!

Orla Kiely Brown Flower

Both Orla Kiely bags are on my etsy shop. I apologize for it being a little empty, but don’t worry, it’ll get full again. Today I’m going to a show where my box bags will be sold, so I had to take them out of the store since I don’t have that many made up!

In regards to the show, I also made something that will be quite useful. I’ve been thinking about the vendor aprons I saw someone wear at the Stitches East show last year. I thought it would be a quite good idea if myself and the other ladies at the show could wear one. So I found a pattern on etsy and tested it out yesterday. I made a few modifications including lining the back of the apron. I thought it would hang better that way. It has the potential for quite a few pockets, including a zippered one (which I didn’t do) as well as a business card pocket!

Vendor Apron

I hope you noticed the print I’m using, it’s “Mushroom City” by Alexander Henry, I thought it would be quite appropriate for someone who’s business name is Stitchy Mushroom! Anyways, it’s going to be tested today, I’ll let you know how it goes!

Vendor Apron

The prodigal sock

21 04 2009

Yesterday, something totally horrific  happened at the Knitting in Pink household, a hand knit sock went AWOL.

In the morning, I placed my Simply Cables socks on the chair in our bedroom, thinking they were safe there and would not go anywhere.

Sockamania Simply Cables socks

Later that day, after DH came back from work and changed into more comfortable clothes, I went back to the bedroom and discovered that something terrible had just happened. I saw that one sock was crumpled on the floor and the other one simply had vanished.

After a heated discussion with the hubby I started tearing apart his drawers and his closet. You see, when he changed that evening, he had put away all his clothes that were also being stored on the chair and that’s when the sock went missing.

I looked everywhere, inside drawers, unfolding and refolding his pants, doing the same with sweaters and even digging through the dirty laundry. Sadly, the sock stayed un-found.

This morning I created a Wanted poster hoping that someone would come forward assuming the theft of the sock. It was either DH or me and if we’d had a cat, I could have blamed the cat too!


After coming home from work tonight, DH decided that he would start looking for the sock again, him accusing me (jokingly) that I had lost it, and me, accusing him of stealing it!

A few minutes later, DH comes out of the bedroom with a pair of socks in his hands! The sock had been found! Hurrah! He wouldn’t admit it, but I found out that he indeed had bundled the sock up by accident in one of his shirts the evening before.

Phew, crisis averted. Happiness is restored in the KIP household.

PS 1: no socks were hurt in the making of this post

PS 2: if you want to make your own Wanted poster, go here!

PS 3: DH is not claiming the sock yarn reward, I guess he doesn’t like yarn as much as I do!

The beauties of New England

19 04 2009

If you live in New England, one morning you could be hiking up Mt Monadnock in New Hampshire

Mt Monadnock

Discover that your 10 year old hiking boots are totally destroyed and might not make it all the way up the mountain and back

Busted out hiking boot

And in the late afternoon,¬† back in Massachusetts, in my in-law’s neighbor’s yard, see something quite unusual

Moose sighting

There was a moose walking around! He walked across the yard and crossed the street and walked behind another house.

Here’s a shaky video that DH took of the moose walking around. I wish I had taken my camera out sooner, as I would have had much better pictures.

What a day in New England!

Things that make me happy Friday

17 04 2009

Making progress on my Ishbel as well as pretty new stitch markers

Ishbel - making good progress

The Pink Pirate sent me some stitch markers she makes after she saw the stitch markers I was using previously. Isn’t she wonderful? After getting them from the post office I quickly sat down to knit another row on my shawl so I could remove my old stitch markers. I think it’s much better now!

Colorful stacks of fabrics for the 12 Squared Quilting Bee starting in May

12 Squared stacks

A finished Mod Sampler quilt top and back

Mod Sampler - Front

Mod Sampler - Back

Testing a mod to my box bags, not succeed quite yet but still come out with a pretty bag

Sheepy box bag

Feeding my Heather Ross addiction with her latest and last collection “Far Far Away”

Heather Ross Far Far Away

Finally setting up an etsy shop where I can sell my box bags!

FO Friday

10 04 2009

There’s been a lot of thought about sewing this week, although not much sewing because my craft room is still pretty cold temperature-wise and haven’t spent much time in it. So, lucky for you, I have been knitting!

Remember that baby hat I was working on for my colleague’s baby? I finished it on time and was given to the baby, and it sort of fit!

Here’s a shot while the hat was still blocking. I know it looks kind of creepy but if fit perfectly this vase I had.

Sweet Baby Cap

I gave it to my colleague to try on her baby, and even if the pictures didn’t come out that great, you can still see that it sort of fits. I’m not sure that the hat would stay on the baby’s head for very long, but at least it fits. I told her I would make her another, larger hat, hopefully with better luck.

Sweet Baby Cap

I’ve already cast on for another one, this time in fingering weight and in the medium size. I’m not quite sure what baby it will go to but I’ll figure it out when I’m done! You can see more details about the pink hat here and the second hat here on Ravelry.

My second FO is another pair of socks! I’m really, really happy about these ones. The pattern (Marigold socks from Flint Knits) is perfect, the yarn (Madelinetosh Sock in Chamomile) is gorgeous and to top it off, they fit very well. I finished them a couple days ago but had to wait for some break in the clouds to get a good shot.

Finished Marigold socks

These socks are a ray of sunshine, and made me start to like yellow! See more details here on Ravelry.

My third FO almost didn’t end up ever being an FO. This finished object is my scarf from my weaving class. 2 weeks ago, I was weaving along, minding my own business, when I realized that I had over 2 feet left of warp and what looked like 6 inches worth of weft. Uh Oh. Time for a back up plan! I promptly contacted the dyer I got the yarn from, Yarn Sprout, to see if she had any more of that yarn or was able to dye some more. She got back to me telling me that this skein was a one off, from before she started making notes about her dyeing process. So a dead end. I also contacted Purl Soho and the Purl online store, sending them a sample of the yarn, thinking that maybe some of their Koigu would match my yarn. Purl Soho got back to me almost right away with a negative answer, whereas the only got back to me this week, a little too late. I also went to a couple yarn stores in the area and only the day of my class was I able to find something that would remotely do. At the Black Sheep Knitting Co I found, not a sock yarn, but a dk weight yarn in a color close enough to work. So I brought it over to class and finished my scarf. After a good soak, you can tell that there is two different yarns but only up close. When worn, or in these photos, it is a lot less noticeable.

Scarf closeup

Handwoven scarf

I still need to figure out what to do with the fringe. Do I twist it or let it loose, that is yet to be seen. The scarf came out really nice and long so it covers my neck really well. Too bad I need to wait until next Fall to really enjoy it! Ravelry details here.

Now that these projects are over, I’m working on knitting yet another single sock, my Ishbel, who is coming along quite well and the second baby hat. Expect a progress post next week!

Patchwork Swap

6 04 2009

About a month ago, I joined the Patchwork Swap organized by Linda of Lindamade. As luck would have it, my swap partner was Linda herself and I had a great time putting together a bunch of goodies, including an assortment of fabric scraps from my stash. You can see what I sent her here if you’re interested!

Today I received my own box from Linda, and wow, was I blown away! She sent me tons of scraps, am awesome fabric bowl and an assortment of trims and buttons. Here, look for yourself!

Awesome Patchwork Swap package

Check out some of the fabrics she sent. There are some really, really nice ones in there, that I really look forward to incorporating in my future quilt blocks and projects.

Lots of scraps

And look at this wonderful fabric bowl. If you wanted to make your own, Linda has posted a tutorial over at Craftstylish.

Fabric bowl! So cool!

Thank you Linda for a great swap!