The smell, feel and sound of obsession

1 04 2009

Have you ever encountered a knitting pattern that obsessed you so much that you just wanted to knit it all the time, and that when you couldn’t knit, had you thinking about it all the time?

I have to say that I’ve encountered this project. It struck me a few days ago, the perfect combination of yarn and pattern that just makes you want to knit and knit some more.

The yarn is Handmaiden Sea Silk in the colorway Smoke, from here. The pattern is Ishbel by Ysolda. The two together, magic. I bought the pattern last week and was considering my options as for yarn. There were a few possibilities in the stash, but then the store received the Sea Silk and then I just knew that they were meant to go together.

Handmaiden Sea Silk Smoke

I cast on a couple evenings ago and I knit and knit some more. Sadly, I haven’t quite had as much time as I would like working on it, but still, it is moving forward. The stockinette part is really easy and it would make a great car project, at least until the lace section.

This is my first shawl/lace project and I really hope I succeed. I’m really looking forward to wearing this shawl around my neck/shoulders this summer!

Ishbel -  getting started

I love the feel of the Sea Silk and the way it knits up. It crunches a bit as you work it up but the stitches are so pretty and the color really beautiful.

Ishbel close up

It’s really too bad I have to go to work today, I’d love to spend the day knitting on my Ishbel!



7 responses

1 04 2009

It looks very pretty! I’m sure it will knit up quickly.

1 04 2009


1 04 2009

You’ll definitely succeed! It already looks beautiful.

1 04 2009

That’s going to be lovely!

1 04 2009

Perfect for summer! You’ll be able to where it with everything. I see a lace craze coming on. šŸ˜‰

4 04 2009

that is going to be beautiful! I love little shawl’s to scrunch up under my coat in the winter. I want to cast on for forest canopy once I finish some Easter knitting.

5 04 2009
Amanda Elizabeth

you can totally do it!!!! I’ve been working on it, but I’m stuck on the first lace row, lol! I freaking adore the yarn color you chose!

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