FO Friday

10 04 2009

There’s been a lot of thought about sewing this week, although not much sewing because my craft room is still pretty cold temperature-wise and haven’t spent much time in it. So, lucky for you, I have been knitting!

Remember that baby hat I was working on for my colleague’s baby? I finished it on time and was given to the baby, and it sort of fit!

Here’s a shot while the hat was still blocking. I know it looks kind of creepy but if fit perfectly this vase I had.

Sweet Baby Cap

I gave it to my colleague to try on her baby, and even if the pictures didn’t come out that great, you can still see that it sort of fits. I’m not sure that the hat would stay on the baby’s head for very long, but at least it fits. I told her I would make her another, larger hat, hopefully with better luck.

Sweet Baby Cap

I’ve already cast on for another one, this time in fingering weight and in the medium size. I’m not quite sure what baby it will go to but I’ll figure it out when I’m done! You can see more details about the pink hat here and the second hat here on Ravelry.

My second FO is another pair of socks! I’m really, really happy about these ones. The pattern (Marigold socks from Flint Knits) is perfect, the yarn (Madelinetosh Sock in Chamomile) is gorgeous and to top it off, they fit very well. I finished them a couple days ago but had to wait for some break in the clouds to get a good shot.

Finished Marigold socks

These socks are a ray of sunshine, and made me start to like yellow! See more details here on Ravelry.

My third FO almost didn’t end up ever being an FO. This finished object is my scarf from my weaving class. 2 weeks ago, I was weaving along, minding my own business, when I realized that I had over 2 feet left of warp and what looked like 6 inches worth of weft. Uh Oh. Time for a back up plan! I promptly contacted the dyer I got the yarn from, Yarn Sprout, to see if she had any more of that yarn or was able to dye some more. She got back to me telling me that this skein was a one off, from before she started making notes about her dyeing process. So a dead end. I also contacted Purl Soho and the Purl online store, sending them a sample of the yarn, thinking that maybe some of their Koigu would match my yarn. Purl Soho got back to me almost right away with a negative answer, whereas the only got back to me this week, a little too late. I also went to a couple yarn stores in the area and only the day of my class was I able to find something that would remotely do. At the Black Sheep Knitting Co I found, not a sock yarn, but a dk weight yarn in a color close enough to work. So I brought it over to class and finished my scarf. After a good soak, you can tell that there is two different yarns but only up close. When worn, or in these photos, it is a lot less noticeable.

Scarf closeup

Handwoven scarf

I still need to figure out what to do with the fringe. Do I twist it or let it loose, that is yet to be seen. The scarf came out really nice and long so it covers my neck really well. Too bad I need to wait until next Fall to really enjoy it! Ravelry details here.

Now that these projects are over, I’m working on knitting yet another single sock, my Ishbel, who is coming along quite well and the second baby hat. Expect a progress post next week!




5 responses

10 04 2009

I’m working on the Marigold socks right now too. That yarn is amazing and perfect for the pattern. I think my favorite part though is that it is so easy to do the same number of pattern repeats on the second sock with that handy purl row to count. I’m not good at counting rows along the way.

The scarf looks great too!

10 04 2009

I love your scarf. It is completely lovely!

10 04 2009

The hat’s adorable! Pretty socks. And lovely scarf! You have been busy busy busy.

13 04 2009

I can’t believe that you’ve only just started weaving. That scarf is so pretty. The fringe is pretty long – maybe twist it so it doesn’t tangle too much?

13 04 2009

I love your scarf, how wide is it?

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