The beauties of New England

19 04 2009

If you live in New England, one morning you could be hiking up Mt Monadnock in New Hampshire

Mt Monadnock

Discover that your 10 year old hiking boots are totally destroyed and might not make it all the way up the mountain and back

Busted out hiking boot

And in the late afternoon,  back in Massachusetts, in my in-law’s neighbor’s yard, see something quite unusual

Moose sighting

There was a moose walking around! He walked across the yard and crossed the street and walked behind another house.

Here’s a shaky video that DH took of the moose walking around. I wish I had taken my camera out sooner, as I would have had much better pictures.

What a day in New England!




3 responses

20 04 2009

Wow! I’ve been hoping to see a live moose ever since I moved to New England. They are so huge and wonderful and terrifying (make sure never to get between one and its baby!). How lucky are you!? So jealous. And how topical – We’re making moose cookies today with a cookie cutter bought in VT last week.

20 04 2009

Moose! Moose!

Off to buy new hiking boots?

21 04 2009

A moose?! In Massachusetts?!! Seriously?!?! I thought they all lived much further north. You know, Canada and Alaska. I had no idea they wandered as far south as MA. Cool!!

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