Been sewing again!

25 04 2009

After a few weeks of mostly knitting (I don’t have anything to show for it as everything is still at the UFO stage) I finally got some sewing done again.

I sewed a few box bags, trying a new technique and new materials. I was mostly successful with the new technique but I think I almost got it figured out, so maybe in the next batch! Even though I was only mostly successful, these bags are in perfect condition and would make some lovely project bags!

I used some heavier weight cotton rather than regular quilting cotton for the outside, this way they should hold up even better to pokey things like needles and such! I also tried a totally different size bag, more flat and wide. I can still fit a pair of socks WIP in it but maybe it could be used for different things as well!

Tropical 2

A month or so ago, when the Orla Kiely stuff came out at Target, I was really excited about the Flower print and was hoping to score a tablecloth or even towels that I could use to make some box bags out off. Sadly, the only thing I was able to find in that print was 1 single placemat. This week I got around to making 2 box bags out of it. This week also, after being done with those two box bags I went back to Target and lo and behold, Orla Kiely stuff was back in stock! Including the Brown Flower tablecloth! Guess how fast the tablecloth made it in my little hands! So now I can make more!

Orla Kiely Brown Flower

Both Orla Kiely bags are on my etsy shop. I apologize for it being a little empty, but don’t worry, it’ll get full again. Today I’m going to a show where my box bags will be sold, so I had to take them out of the store since I don’t have that many made up!

In regards to the show, I also made something that will be quite useful. I’ve been thinking about the vendor aprons I saw someone wear at the Stitches East show last year. I thought it would be a quite good idea if myself and the other ladies at the show could wear one. So I found a pattern on etsy and tested it out yesterday. I made a few modifications including lining the back of the apron. I thought it would hang better that way. It has the potential for quite a few pockets, including a zippered one (which I didn’t do) as well as a business card pocket!

Vendor Apron

I hope you noticed the print I’m using, it’s “Mushroom City” by Alexander Henry, I thought it would be quite appropriate for someone who’s business name is Stitchy Mushroom! Anyways, it’s going to be tested today, I’ll let you know how it goes!

Vendor Apron




10 responses

25 04 2009

Fun bags! I have to say that my favorite thing about the bag I got from you is that it isn’t flat but “on its side” – somehow that just seems to work better than the other bags I have.

25 04 2009

I went and looked at your etsy shop and I saw my stitch markers! YAY!!! They look really good with your patterns! I love that Orla Kiely print, too. You are such a good sewer. I just love my box bag, it’s so nice! Good luck at your show!

25 04 2009

Love the new bags, and your apron! Hoping Stitches goes well for you 🙂

25 04 2009

Yes, LOVE the Orla bags! and mushroom apron is Very Appropriate!
Good luck at the show and have a great weekend! :o)

25 04 2009

I love your box bags! I’m going to buy one soon. You inspire me to start sewing! A friend and I are going to make our first quilts over the summer. Hope the show is going well!

25 04 2009

Cute stuff, I love the apron!

26 04 2009

The apron is fab! The print is definitely appropriate.

26 04 2009

Love the bags and the apron. It’s a good idea. HOpe the show went well.

27 04 2009

The apron is adorable and I love the business card pocket. Good idea!

1 05 2009

These bags are sooo cute! Enjoy your holiday!

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