30 04 2009

You know you’re a knitter when less than 24 hours before leaving for a week’s vacation, the only thing that’s packed is your knitting.


Knitting, packed

I’m bringing the Chamomile baby hat to work on the plane, the herringbone rib sock and the spring forward sock. I think that should be enough! I would love to bring my Ishbel with me but I’m weary of losing it if my suitcase happened to get lost.


Suitcases, not packed

Tomorrow evening DH and I are flying down to Orlando, having breakfast with Alyson and Travis the next morning and then making our way to Cape Canaveral to board the Disney Magic for a cruise to the Western Caribbean. We’ll be heading to Key West, Grand Cayman, Nassau, Casteway Cay (Disney Island) and then back. We were supposed to stop in Cozumel but due to the swine flu our stop has been changed to Nassau.

In a couple days this is where I'll be!

This is our first cruise so we don’t quite know what to expect. But we’ve heard only good things about Disney cruises so it will be fun no matter what! The only excursion we have planned is snorkeling in Sting Ray City in the Caymans (my snorkeling gear is the only thing already in my suitcase!).

I’ve seen that there was internet access on the boat so I’ll definitely try to get on the internet a couple times. Maybe I’ll even be able to post about how my trip is going on! If not, I hope to be able to show you some FO’s when I come back!




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30 04 2009

Have fun!

1 05 2009

It will be a fantastic time! Enjoy it!

1 05 2009

Have a great time!

1 05 2009
Tina M.

Oh, how I envy you! I am six shades of green, but that’ll change next year when we join my parents for their wedding-vow-renewal cruise. I still haven’t found a way to say that in a shorter, cooler manner.

Have tons of fun and stay away from the liquor! Your wallet will thank you in the end. Those waitors are tricky, they memorize your favorite drink and will keep you loaded from morning till dusk, and the bill doesn’t hit you until the end. I’m desperately afraid of the same thing happening to me with diet soda, as that is also not included, depending. I’m a diet Pepsi junkie.

Anyway, have fun! Take lots of pictures and let all your cares wash away.

1 05 2009

We brought the boys on a 10 day Disney land/sea vacation when Puck was 4. One of our best vacations ever! (I recall that if you bought a “commemorative” cup, your soda was free, but that was eight years ago, although we still have the cups!)

I have to say, my favorite part of that vacation was on the ship. Even my husband enjoyed it more than the parks! He’s kind of a curmudgeon though and does not like “commercial” enterprises – he’s also claustrophobic – so we had to get a room with a deck and higher up in the ship. That being said – wow – the service was above and beyond. (I’ve also done a Carnival Cruise – that was OK.) The food was impressive and the destinations were lovely. I do have to say though – sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. You cannot reapply often enough if you are pale Northerner! ESPECIALLY on their Disney Cay.

1 05 2009

Love the knitting bags! Have a great time on holiday.

1 05 2009

Have fun!!! Hope you enjoy to the fullest!

1 05 2009

Have a great time!

3 05 2009

Hi Valerie,
Just a little note to let you know that you won the neutral bundle from my little givaway.

Please send me your mailing info at


5 05 2009

Have a wonderful time- since your suitcases are empty, I could easily fit…

Love it- you pack like I do. Its all about priorities.

My Psycho Bunnies bag came- I love, love, love it- thank you so much!

6 05 2009

🙂 I just did this cruise in February (with the Cozumel), you’ll have a great time! Castaway Cay is a very fun island, it’s like a big BBQ party!

Oh and a hint about the internet access, I think you have to purchase a package and it wasn’t very cheap. Also, if you make calls on your phone aboard the ship (even if you’re docked at Port Canaveral) one of the crew members told me that you’ll still be charged extra because you’re going through the ship’s antenna.

9 05 2009

A cruise! What fun! Hope you have a great trip!
It is easier to pack the knitting then everything else.

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