18 05 2009

Somehow, I managed to finish 4 knitting projects in the last 3 weeks. I don’t think that’s ever happened before!

First up, my K1C2 Ty-Dy socks made up in my own pattern. I knit the first sock back in September 08 and waited until this April to knit the second sock. I’m really quite pleased with these socks and know I will be wearing them a lot. I finished those the day before we left for vacation.

Finished Ty-Dy socks

The next day, on our way to Florida I was able to finish my second Sweet Baby Cap, soaked it in the hotel bathroom sink that night and gave it not quite dry to Alyson for her future baby the next morning (see previous post for cool picture). The timing couldn’t have been better!

Sweet baby cap #2

A few days ago, again with an incredible timing, I finished my Ishbel, just in time to meet Ysolda at Stitch House, a totally cool, new to me, yarn store.

,Ysolda and 2 Ishbel shawls!

It was really fun meeting her, she’s got the prettiest Scottish accent and the best taste in shoes! I loved seeing and even trying out some of her samples. I just might have to make her Liesl cardigan now!

This shawl was quite an enjoyable project. It took me a month and half to knit, but I was taking my time, enjoying each row. I knit the large stockinette section and the small lace section. I did have quite a bit of yarn leftover, so might have been able to knit the large lace section as well. I’m quite pleased with the finished size and have been wearing it every day since it was finished. I loved working with the HandMaiden Sea Silk, what a lovely yarn. I need to get more so I can knit something else out of it! [Ravelry details]

Last but not least, another pair of socks. I started working on the first sock in November 08 and didn’t finish it until the cruise a couple weeks ago. I promptly cast on for the second one and now they’re both done! I don’t think I’ve ever cast on for sock #2 the same day I bind off sock #1, it’s definitely a good way to finishing a pair of socks in a short amount of time!

Herringbone rib socks

It took me a really long time to get a hang of the two-row pattern but once I got it I could knit it as well as stockinette. For some reason though, the yarn didn’t spiral the same way on the leg of sock #2 as it did on sock #1. I don’t really like how it looks so different but nobody but me will see it, I guess. [Ravelry details]

I only have 3 WIPs left now, that feels quite good!




9 responses

19 05 2009

Great photo with your Ishbels!

19 05 2009
Tina M.

You’ve been busy! The socks are pretty, and you should show the shawl spread out so we can see what it looks like.

19 05 2009

Wow! Maybe I could hire you as a surrogate knitter. 😉

19 05 2009

Congratulations! Everything looks great. Isn’t it satisfying to say “check, check, check!” on your WIP?

19 05 2009

I lurve the second socks!! Fabby!

19 05 2009

I love the yarn for the Herringbone Socks and the baby hat is a great color!

The picture of Ysolde and yourself is very sweet.

How did you like your TyDy yarn?

21 05 2009

Wow! You’re on a role. Great FOs! I really like your sock pattern in the first picture. Very cool. And how fun that must have been to meet Ysolda and see all of her projects in person. Your Ishbel is lovely too. Enjoy your knitting mojo. 🙂

23 05 2009

That’s alot of knitting! Your socks look great.

25 05 2009

Glad you enjoyed your cruise! My parents love the Disney cruises and have only good things to say about them. Chris and I took one from Norwegian, which wasn’t nearly as nice.

Congratulations on finishing so many WIPs!

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