Friday Faves

29 05 2009

I know that usually I post Monday Faves, but today sounded like a good day to post my favorites from the last couple weeks!

As usual, a lot of fabric, quilts, flowers, but this time there are sheep and a snail

Friday Faves (5/29/09)

Click on the links below for more info

1. Daisy drama, 2. screen printed folkster dolls, 3. one quilt: march, 4. upholstery, 5. crafting for nellie, 6. crochet bits and bobs, 7. P1050303, 8. YIP.133 bagby peony, 9. Scrappy Starlings Hedgerow Quilt, 10. Modern Linen Quilt, 11. screen printing, 12. tiny zakka owl, 13. name that flower, 14. picnic stripes, 15. hearty sock custom order, 16. coco’s amanda, 17. Happy feet, 18. The Breath Of Life by Chitagun Aichi, 19. Toy sheepies!, 20. 11 | MacroMay, 21. allium, 22. 5.17.09 • post-houseguest, 23. rose, 24. Hexagonal Potholders, 25. marble champ, 26. Do The Math mini quilt, 27. guest bencher/prop master monday, 28. 365-62, 29. granny square goodness, 30. 5.15.09 • there’s a reason the icon for macro is a flower, 31. snail’s trail, 32. Kai-Mei




2 responses

30 05 2009

That owl on the dog’s feet is really cute!

4 06 2009

I love the peony pictures. They’re almost blooming in real life now! And the colored knitting needles. Those are my favorites to use.

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