CSA Tuesday

16 06 2009

This spring, I signed DH and I up for a CSA. I found a farm on my way to and from work that was doing a CSA for its first time and I thought it would great if we could participate. This week was the first week and it will run for another 9 or 10 weeks. Each share is targeted for a family of 4 so I have a feeling that some weeks I will find myself with a bit too much but I am looking forward to pushing myself to cook everything and eat everything. I decided that on every pick up night I would have a cooking evening and get all the food processed, frozen or cooked so that it would make a lot of good meals.

So tonight I stopped by the farm and picked up our first share. It was a bit less than I thought, but it’s just the beginning of the season so it’s not too surprising.

CSA Week 1

I received some lettuce, spinach, radish, baby onions and some rhubarb. I’m also entitled to a quart strawberries and peas but these are pick your own, so I’ll be doing that over the weekend. The ones you see in the picture I bought at their farm stand since I really wanted some fresh strawberries!

Pretty strawberries

So tonight I made compote with the rhubarb and some of the strawberries. I chopped up the rest of the strawberries and we will be eating those later. I’m saving the lettuce, spinach, baby onions and some radishes for a big salad for later this week too.

Baby onions

I hope you will enjoy sharing this CSA Tuesday with me this summer!




8 responses

16 06 2009

mmmmmm, your share looks so good! There are no CSA farms near me, so I’m looking forward for the farmers market to start.

16 06 2009

Looks yummy!!!

16 06 2009

It does look really, really good!

17 06 2009

That\’s nice! Did they give you the marigold too? So are CSA shares divided by the number of people or do they allot by how much food you want? I\’m just surprised there isn\’t more food. My lettuces are going bonkers with the colder weather. The food does look delicious and great quality though!

17 06 2009

RADISHES! I love radishes. A radish sammish, on white bread with a small slather of butter and salt – to.die.for!

17 06 2009

Those strawberries look fantastic – the smaller berries always taste much better.

18 06 2009

I just joined a CSA also. I got the veggie and fruit shares. Last Saturday, was our second time. I did notice the bounty has not been huge, but like you said, it’s the beginning of the season. We did get strawberries, so I plan to make something with that.

19 06 2009

I don’t have a CSA near me. I wish! But there are several farmers’ markets in the area year round and I have my own garden growing in the backyard that I hope to keep going seasonally. Your bounty looks delicious!

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