Things that make me Happy Friday

10 07 2009

I was going to post today about my UFOs, but I think that this post is going to be more fun!

This morning I met with my dear friend Carol for a coffee and she had the most amazing present for me! She made me a pair of socks, for me! About 2 months ago she was working on a pair of Nutkins for herself, the first  sock was coming out too small so she had me try it on, and it fit me perfectly. So she decided that she’d make them for me for my birthday! Fast forward to today and now they’re mine! Aren’t they lovely? And they fit me so well too, like they were made to fit me and only me! I’m a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful friend. Thank you Carol!

Nutkins for me!

If this non-summer we’ve been having lately continues, I’ll be able to wear them soon!

I got some great fabrics in the mail too. These were from a swap with Elizabeth:

Erin McMorris fat quarter stacks

There’s over 20 Erin McMorris Wildwood fat quarters plus 2 pieces of fun Alice in Wonderland fabric. Wildwood is a great collection and will make a great quilt one day.

I cast on last weekend for Cosmicpluto’s Milkweed shawl and it’s going along quite well. It’s still small enough that it doesn’t take very long for each row. I try to do at least a row every day and more when I can. I’m using HandMaiden Mini Maiden for the yarn and wow, that’s a gorgeous yarn to work with. The finished shawl is going to be a pleasure to wear.

Milkweed Shawl, charts A, B, C and B

Last but not least, I’m happy that my sewing machine is finally operational again, and I was able to finish 2 box bags this morning. I’ll be finishing up a few more over the weekend! It’s good to be able to sew again.

Just finished

Of course, the fact that today is Friday and that I’m enjoying my early weekend makes me happy too.

What makes you happy today?




7 responses

10 07 2009

Pretty socks! And I love the color of your Milkweed.

I just counting down the minutes until I can leave for the day – it’s lovely out there.

10 07 2009

I’m so glad you like the socks! I think it was serendipity that they fit you. I’m definitely making a Milkweed now – yours is so pretty!

10 07 2009

I am down to the last four inches of my second skein of Vesper Kid Mohair that I am using to knit the Milkweed. I have 8 rows to go. I may have to email Ms. Knitterly Things to see if she can help me at all. This is the first time I have actually run out of yarn on a project!

11 07 2009
I want to knit a gift for a friend whos having a baby girl due in June 08? | Baby on Board Blog

[…] Things that make me Happy Friday « Knitting in Pink […]

11 07 2009

Great socks! What a good friend. I love the fabric and box bags too. Glad your sewing machine is back in action!

13 07 2009

I just looked at your Strips and Bricks quilt top on Flickr and I love it! It’s so bright and cheerful! I haven’t had the desire to quilt in years and you’re making me want to do it again. Now I just need to find the time and the space in my too-full condo.

13 07 2009

love those socks! Great start to your milkweed shawl, and those bags are pretty cute too!

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