Things that make me happy Monday

20 07 2009

Cute mushroom stitch markers from Terrariooms on etsy. I bought these especially for future box bags with my favorite mushroom fabrics. I hope to have more made soon!

Mushroom stitch markers

A prize from from the June Play Yarn Dash, some really pretty dpns from Yarn Cloud. I’ve been playing this since the beginning, and it’s fun! You discover new online stores and there are some cool prizes you can win!

Yarn Dash prize

A finished Strips and Bricks quilt top. Since this picture I’ve created the quilt sandwich and next weekend I hope to start the quilting on it.

Strips and Bricks quilt top

The quilting on it is going to be so much easier because of my last item on my list of things that make me happy this Monday.

My new craft room!

Craftroom remodel - New desk

This weekend DH and I went to IKEA and bought a new desk and shelving unit and rearranged the remaining pieces of furniture. I now have a really awesome set up and I’m so, so happy about my sewing room! Every time I look at it I just have to smile! You can see more pictures right here. I still have a bit of reorganizing left to do but it’s almost done. Did I say that it made me really happy yet? : )




7 responses

20 07 2009

Oh WOW! Your quilt looks fantastic!!

21 07 2009

Congrats! That looks like a perfect room to be crafty. Can’t wait to see how you quilt the Bricks.

21 07 2009

Seriously, I’m moving in with you! I am green with envy at your nice, organized space. I’ve been eyeing that desk from IKEA and I just don’t have any place to put it. Have fun in your new space!!

21 07 2009

Ah, bless IKEA! The room looks great.

21 07 2009

Yeah for you and your new room! Wishing you many hour of fun crafting in your new, organized space!

22 07 2009

All of those things would make me happy too! Those stitch markers are adorable. Your quilt is beautiful. And your sewing room is awesome! 🙂

22 07 2009

Hooray! What an amazing craft room! You really made a lovely and efficient work space.

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