CSA Tuesday on Wednesday

22 07 2009

I hope that  you did not miss too much not having vegetable eye candy yesterday. For those who did, here it is a day late!

Yesterday I picked up this lovely bag full of vegetable goodies:

CSA Week 5

Some lollo lettuce, 8 ears of corn, some yellow, white and red beets, some patty pan squash and 2 pickling cucumbers.

Promptly after arriving home I put some water to boil to cook the corn, heated up the oven to bake the beets and make some kale chips with last week’s kale. I used House on Hill’s Road’s kale chips as modified in this post. They were really good and DH and I gobbled them all. I definitely will be making more. It’s easy and a great way to eat kale!

I have yet to decide how to prepare the patty pan squash but I do love to look at them! I completely stumped as to what to do with the pickling cucumbers. Anyone has a suggestion besides actually pickling them? Do they taste good raw???

My landlords have a little garden in our backyard where they’re growing tomatoes, herbs and various other unknowns. I went out today to get a few pictures. The beautiful zucchini flowers that were fully open a few days ago were gone due to heavy rains but there were still quite a few buds unfurling their petals.

In the backyard

I also took photos of these flowers. I’m not sure what they are, but they sure were pretty.

In the backyard

And here’s a study in greens of some future tasty tomatoes!

In the backyard

Are you hungry yet?! I know I am : )