CSA Tuesday on Wednesday

22 07 2009

I hope that  you did not miss too much not having vegetable eye candy yesterday. For those who did, here it is a day late!

Yesterday I picked up this lovely bag full of vegetable goodies:

CSA Week 5

Some lollo lettuce, 8 ears of corn, some yellow, white and red beets, some patty pan squash and 2 pickling cucumbers.

Promptly after arriving home I put some water to boil to cook the corn, heated up the oven to bake the beets and make some kale chips with last week’s kale. I used House on Hill’s Road’s kale chips as modified in this post. They were really good and DH and I gobbled them all. I definitely will be making more. It’s easy and a great way to eat kale!

I have yet to decide how to prepare the patty pan squash but I do love to look at them! I completely stumped as to what to do with the pickling cucumbers. Anyone has a suggestion besides actually pickling them? Do they taste good raw???

My landlords have a little garden in our backyard where they’re growing tomatoes, herbs and various other unknowns. I went out today to get a few pictures. The beautiful zucchini flowers that were fully open a few days ago were gone due to heavy rains but there were still quite a few buds unfurling their petals.

In the backyard

I also took photos of these flowers. I’m not sure what they are, but they sure were pretty.

In the backyard

And here’s a study in greens of some future tasty tomatoes!

In the backyard

Are you hungry yet?! I know I am : )




6 responses

22 07 2009

I made the white bean and kale soup today, mmm, it was really good! I added potatoes to give it more “body”. I’m freezing the leftovers for a rainy day! Thanks for the kale chip link, I’m definitely going to give that a go tomorrow. Sounds really good, and I have to do something with all that kale!
Pickling cucumbers are my favorite to eat! They aren’t as seedy as the bigger ones. I love to eat them cold with salt and pepper. Which I might be doing for awhile, my ex father in law gave me 6lbs of them today, and I ordered a bushel (before he offered me his) from a local farm. ek! Right now I’m processing the last two cans of garlic dills and tomorrow I’ll be making some dill and some bread and butter pickles too.
My grandmother grew patty pans in her garden, I have no idea what to do with them, my dad says that she would cube them up and boil them. Although, I never have eaten them that way! Let us know what you come up with. 🙂

23 07 2009

that’s so cute how the patty pan squash have green butts! 🙂
you could try slicing them and then put the slices in flour, then egg and then fry them up. my mom does that with a squash similar to these and then serves them with some soy sauce on the side (with a little sriracha sauce added for some spice). let us know what you end up using them for! it all looks yummy!

23 07 2009

Was that flower on a veg plant or just wild?

23 07 2009

Petit pan squash! *nom nom nom*

23 07 2009

Puck and I made refrigerator pickles last Summer and they barely made it to Thanksgiving (we made 12 1-quart jars!) I just ordered our cucumbers for this Summer’s pickles.

24 07 2009

It all looks so good! The unidentified yellow flower looks like a cucumber flower to me! I hope that helps. I think they are beautiful, too.

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