Estate sale finds and a giveaway

2 08 2009

Last weekend, DH and I had the chance to stop at an estate sale. I’d never been to one before and I think that it was my lucky day. In the driveway were 2 quilt racks, in the garage was an old Viking sewing machine and there was another sewing machine in the entrance of the house. The basement was full of sewing patterns, threads and other sewing accessories. The owner was also a doll collector and there were some really cute dolls and doll furniture.

I came out of the estate sale with some great finds and I wish I could have bought more!

Estate Sale Finds - Viking 6430

I bought this 34 year old Viking 6430, in perfect working condition. It’s missing all the accessories but as it will just be my secondary machine I’m quite pleased.

There were boxes and boxes of vintage patterns and I picked just a few:

Estate Sale Finds - cute patterns

I hit pay dirt when I found 2 large boxes full of seam binding and bias trim. I use seam binding in my box bags and am always trying to find more colors to match my fabrics. My Joann’s has a very meager collection of seam binding so when I found boxes full of them I was ecstatic. I gathered up all the seam binding I could find, as well as zippers and ric rac and got a big bag full of them!

Estate Sale Finds

My last purchase was an impulse buy. When you fall in love, there’s no reasoning to be done.

Estate Sale Finds

Look at those eyes, those lips and that outfit! She has fully fashioned undergarments, a sweet petticoat as well as the under dress and the over dress. She’s about 50 years old and in a wonderful shape and will grace my sewing room for another 50 years.

I got a great deal on all of these items and want to share the love a bit. So I have two givewaways to share with you. One is for sewers and one is for knitters.

I’ve been cutting fabrics for about 70 box bags over the weekend and I have a bunch of scraps that I’d love to share with a sewer. There are small and medium size strips of fabric as well as echino oilcloth scraps.


I just finished my Milkweed Shawl out of Handmaiden Mini Maiden, a 50/50 wool/silk fingering weight yarn. I used 55g for my shawl but there is 49g leftover so I’m thinking that someone could make a fair sized shawl with the rest. I don’t have a picture of the yarn balled up but here’s a picture of the yarn still in the skein.

Handmaiden Mini Maiden

If you’re interested in either prize just put in the comment which one you’d like and what you’d do with it. I’ll pick both winners next Monday.




36 responses

2 08 2009

Hi! It’s joomoolynn from flickr! I would love some of those delicious scraps! I would use them for quilting of course! I really want to do a string quilt and these would be perfect!


2 08 2009

I can’t even say which I would want more….. the scraps would be so much fun, yet your yarn looks so lovely. I guess the yarn, since the first comment is for the scraps. I just found your blog and I can’t even remember how. I have a Viking that is just a year or two newer than your find. My mom gave it to me recently. So far, I love it, though it could use a tune-up. Thanks for the give-a-way.

2 08 2009

Ohhh the scraps would be way awesome! I’m making a ton of paper pieced hexagons, scraps are my friend 🙂

2 08 2009
Renee G

I would absolutely love the fabric scraps. I just started quilting and have almost no fabric to work with yet. But, I’m acquiring a little as I go.

2 08 2009

Ooh, would love the fabric scraps! What a nice thing you are doing!

3 08 2009

I’m always scrap hunting!!! I would use some of the scraps in my sixteen patch scrap quilt I am cutting at the moment and the strips in a string quilt I will probably start sometime soon!!
Thanks for the chance to win!

3 08 2009

Wow, great finds! That doll is in super condition!

3 08 2009

Oh, always fun to get such great things at an estate sale! No need to enter me in either contest, but I can mention this tomorrow, if you’d like.

3 08 2009
Jamie V

I would love some of the fabric! I would make a bunch of little quilties to donate to our quilt group for use as a raffle item to help our local food bank. Jamie V in MT

3 08 2009

I would love a chance at the fabric scraps! I would probably add them to some other stuff and maybe try out a string quilt or spiderweb

3 08 2009

Great estate sale finds! That doll is such a treasure – lucky you!

4 08 2009
Stardust B.

Oh, the yarn, the yarn. I would love it and pet it and squeeze it. I would make a killer shawl from it. Gorgeous!.

4 08 2009
Stumbling Over Chaos :: More book contests and links than really seems reasonable

[…] is giving away fabric and Handmaiden yarn to two lucky commenters on her blog. She’ll select the winners on August […]

4 08 2009

What a find!

It’s nice to know that when I’m gone someone will find my basement, hall closet, 2nd bedroom, 2nd closet etc. such a treasure trove of crafting materials! Quilting, knitting, sewing, cross-stitch, spinning. I support all of the addictions!

The Mini Maiden is gorgeous. I’d love to give it a try.

4 08 2009

What awesome finds! I especially adore the doll, she is pristine and beautiful!
Both the fabric and that yarn looks gorgeous.

4 08 2009

Hmmm, at first, I wanted the fabric becasue I’ve been sewing aprons, but they are too small so I think I will use the yarn to knit….well….something out of yarn. Yeah- thats the ticket. maybe something so awesome that I actually start blogging again.

4 08 2009

Wow, great finds! I’d be more interested in the yarn, but I’m also just getting into sewing so the fabric scraps would be awesome too!

4 08 2009

Throw my name in the hat for the yarn! The scraps would be great for a quilter (which I am not).

4 08 2009

Great finds at the estate sale! I have a cowl pattern that would be perfect to use with the beautiful yarn. Is your doll’s face hand-embroidered? Too cute!

4 08 2009

What a wonderful haul! That doll is so sweet. I’d love the Handmaiden — such a pretty combo of blues and greens.

4 08 2009

wow what a deal you found!! As much as i love those scraps that yarn color falls right into my favorites colorwise! (andi have been so wanting to start a new shawl!) Enjoy your haul!!

4 08 2009

What fun treasures! I would love to use those scraps for my wonky stars and a string quilt I’m going to start. (banquopack on flicker)

4 08 2009

What a great find! The yarn is especially lovely. ^.^

5 08 2009

Congratulations on your estate sale scores — those sales are usually pretty sad EXCEPT when someone as right-for-the-stuff as you clearly are connects with something she’ll put to good use. My recently deceased mother-in-law left bushels of quilt scraps, and I’ve been making some quilters very happy. But I’d love that yarn………..

5 08 2009
Kitten With A Whiplash

I’d love to be considered for the yarn. Great finds at the estate sale, congrats.

5 08 2009

That table on that machine will be excellent. Love the fabric bits for Improv Pillows!

5 08 2009

I’d love a chance to win the yarn. I’d probably make something really simple (like an eyelet lace scarf) out of it, so the focus would be on the beautiful colours.

5 08 2009

Oooh, I too live in the Boston area… maybe I should go to those estate sales!
I would love to get some fabric scraps, I’m trying to learn how to sew 🙂

6 08 2009

omg I’m in love with those scraps! Log cabin pillows, and lots of them!

6 08 2009

Hi all!
What an amazing deal you did. The doll is sooo beautiful. It looks like new. And this bag of bias and zippers? Great!.
Is it open to international readers? If so please count me in. 😀
I’m a sewer (well a newbie in this world) and I love scraps. I only have a few if I won I will use it to make a baby quilt, and If i have enough a wallet too.
Thanks for this great giveaway.


6 08 2009

Please enter me for the scraps! I’m planning on some new wee stuffies. The scraps would be perfect to make those and their little clothes 🙂

7 08 2009

I love your Viking! I recently found a Viking 6570 at the thrift store. Mine too was without accessories but I did find a manual on ebay. Wonderful scores! Please count me in the the scraps. I saw echino and had to stop by! I’m collecting echino for a quilt. Thanks!

7 08 2009

Ooh, I’d like to enter. I’m looking for some scraps to practice sewing on. 🙂

9 08 2009

Oh I love the scraps. I would love to make some scrappy doll quilts for my little girls

10 08 2009

I would love to make a little block quilt out of those scraps!

14 08 2009
Jackie Davis

Congrats on the second machine and other great finds! I am excited about your generosity and would LOVE the Scraps! Oh they look like so much fun! I keep every sewable piece and share or use them. Yours are so unique! Thanks for this opportunity!
Jackie Davis
jackie (at)

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