CSA Tuesday

4 08 2009

It’s late, so tonight you’re getting a photo and a recipe. Enjoy!

CSA Week 7

Click on photo for details on what everything is

I sauteed the 3 eggplants and the green squash together in a pan and made Lime Mint Iced Tea with the mint (using the recipe from here). It was very good, but yields just enough for 4 glasses. Double it if you can, it’s worth it!




4 responses

4 08 2009

i love those squashes! My mom would use them all the time in her cooking…
and those ears of corn look delicious…oh…lime mint iced tea?!
I’m tucking that one away into my recipe box! thanks! 🙂 ek.

5 08 2009

That’s a gorgeous picture, and the iced tea sounds great!

5 08 2009

I need to go have some lunch. 🙂

6 08 2009

those eggplants look so very good!

I forgot to mention in my last comment how lucky a find you had at that estate sale! The doll is incredibly cute and well made, she’s a great addition to your sewing room! Same with your extra machine, that will come in handy when your other one needs tune ups.

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