WIP Wednesday

20 08 2009

During my short vacation in the Adirondacks, I made some progress on 3 single socks. I really was hoping to finish the second Pomatomus sock but didn’t quite make it. There was a little stitch problem at the start of the last repeat and, although I knew that the solution was in the text of the pattern, I didn’t have it with me. So I just put it on hold and started working on another sock.

3 socks in progress

I started working on the left most sock. It’s the Tesserae pattern by Knitspot and the yarn is Madtosh Sock in Black Currant from here. The pattern is very easy and once I’m done with the Sock Hop sock (in the middle) it will become my on the go sock.

So these are the socks that I am currently working on. Both the Pomatomus and the Sock Hop are on sock #2 and the Tesserae is on sock #1.

That’s practically it for knitting projects. I haven’t touched the only other knitting project I have in quite some time. Hopefully, when my deadline knitting is over I’ll be able to devote all my time to it.

Even though I’ve slowed down on my knitting quite a bit these last few months, I quite enjoy always having socks to work on. What are you working on these days?




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20 08 2009

Hi, Val! I’m currently working on a shawl of my own design using my handspun. My quilt is still in time-out because it annoyed me… and because I finally wore out my 30-year-old Singer. I feel like I lost a friend! I’m heading to the Viking store after work today to buy a new friend.

20 08 2009

Socks are such a lovely project, aren’t they?

20 08 2009

Look at all those sock projects!! It’s good that they each have their very own bag. 🙂

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