CSA Tuesday

25 08 2009

Just because there can’t be a CSA without a Tuesday, or rather a Tuesday without a CSA.

Here is today’s loot:

CSA Week 11

6 ears of corn, one quart potatoes, 12 tomatoes, 2 eggplants, 1 bunch basil, 1 bunch radishes, a bag of green beans, and 1 pint of PYO cherry tomatoes. Not pictured: 3 small hot peppers.

We’d been getting 12 ears of corn every week for the last month so today I asked my coworker if she wanted a few ears of corn because I’d have too many. But this time I only got 6. I will be bring a few tomatoes to work though, and the hot peppers, as I’m not a fan of spicy hot foods.

I have high hopes for the remaining tomatoes; tomato, mozarella and basil salad, tomato pie (recipe similar to this), the potatoes will make delicious potato salad. With the radishes I might make some more of this (I made it last night, delicious). Last but not least, I will be attempting to make pesto with all the lovely basil  I have. I just need to pick up some pine nuts at the grocery store. I’ll let you know how that goes!


On a totally different note, I am currently destashing a bunch of my yarns to pay for my sewing machine that broke again. You can check it out here on Ravelry. Message me there if you see something interesting. Thanks for looking!




3 responses

26 08 2009

Yummy!!! You won’t have any problem making pesto – it’s so easy to do!!

26 08 2009

Good luck with your machine, Val. Of all people, I understand how annoying and frustrating a broken machine can be.

29 08 2009

Yum! I’m planning to make pesto this weekend. It’s easy and so, so good. I’m off to look at your destash page. I’m on a spending freeze, but I can still look!

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