WIP Wednesday

30 09 2009

It’s time to come clean with all my projects! In a perfect life, I would have 2 projects going at once, maybe 3.

  • Stockinette socks for the car/travel
  • Larger project for at home or visiting
  • Long term project like a sweater or shawl

I guess I’m not doing too bad because this is what I’m working on now:

Rasta Rasta socks, just a leg left to go

Stockinette socks: I’m working on the leg of the second sock now

Lu, almost halfway done

Larger mostly mindless project: Lu vest, almost halfway done

Ursa sleeve

Long term project: Ursa cardigan, set aside for the summer but I’ve started working on the sleeve again.

Of course I also have the Tessarae sock you saw last week and many more projects on the mind!

I hear purple is in this winter

I hear that purple is the “In” color for this winter and that’s what I’ve got! The 3 skeins of bulky weight (Araucania Coliumo Solid) will be for Carol’s Kensington Cowl and the 1 skein of worsted weight (Madtosh Tosh Merino) will be for another cowl, the Tamarind Cowl. I also bought the Little Colonnade shawl pattern and I think that might be my next shawl. I also quite like the Wandering the Moor shawl pattern, so that’s going to be a tough fight deciding which to go with!

But first I have to finish Lu! How many WIPs do you have?




5 responses

30 09 2009

I have thousands of WIPs. It doesn’t bother me. Maybe I’m a process knitter?

30 09 2009

Hey, cool, for once I’ll be “in” colorwise! 😀

30 09 2009

I usually like to have 3 projects going max at any time, but I have more:

1. Baby blanket for b-i-l/s-i-l
2. Potholders for my f-i-l for Christmas

On the back burner but need to get back to it:

1. Modern Log Cabin Blanket
2. Pair of black/white mistake rib socks

And finally, the one I always avoid: The Big Sack Sweater – adding length, need to take the cable down and fix errors.

1 10 2009

Is that Noro on those plain stockinettes?
I really love that Araucania!

1 10 2009

I have so many WIPs. Too many to keep track of. In a perfect world, I would like to always have a sweater, a pair of socks and a lace project on the needles. I really need to cast on a pair of socks! 😉

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