Where in the world is? Clue #3

6 10 2009

Thank you to everyone who’s participated so far in my little contest, it’s really too bad someone guessed so quickly! : )

Would you rather I give  you where / what each previous clue the next day or would you rather I give you all the descriptions all at once at the end? I guess that if I wait until the end more of you will have the chance to participate!

Just an added detail to the kind of answer I’m looking for: Instead of just giving me the name of the park each photo is from, please tell me, if you can, which ride/area/resort, etc. the photo is from. The more precise it is, the better.  Does that make sense?

Today’s clue is:

Clue #3

Isn’t he cute?!!




4 responses

6 10 2009

Hollywood Studios, Pixar place?

6 10 2009

Have absolutely no idea on this one!

6 10 2009

I have no idea, but he is cute!

6 10 2009

How about the ride “Toy Story Mania”?

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