Where in the world is? Clue #6

9 10 2009

We’re nearing the end of my Where in the world is? contest. There are only 3 clues left!

Today’s clue is knitting-related. Yes, I somehow found something that had something to do with knitting at Disney. Where do you think I saw this?

Clue #6

I did not buy one of these kits, but I was tempted!

ETA: The kit is one of the Learn to Knit kit, like this one.




4 responses

9 10 2009

I don’t know this one either but I would have swooned at the Dale stuff. Must get back to knitting my ski sweater…

9 10 2009

I don’t know this one either, but that kit is super cute! I don’t know if I could have resisted.

9 10 2009

omg! Did you jump up and down? I would have! Did you get it in the Norway world in Epcot? I went to Epcot three freaking times when I was little, didn’t get to go to the Magic Kingdom till I took my own children. I know, woe is me right? *L* By the looks of your pictures it sounds like a really awesome trip!

9 10 2009

So cute! I’ll say that you saw the kit at the Norway Pavillion in Epcot.

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