Where in the world is? Clue #7

10 10 2009

I guess I don’t know how to count! Yesterday I said that there were 3 clues left. I have absolutely no idea where I pulled that number from. Clue #7 is actually the last clue, even this is quite fun and I could have a lot more pictures for  you. But I’m sure you’d like to see some knitting too again, so knitting content will resume on Monday.

So for the last clue I present something that should be very easy!

Clue #7

Contest winners, solutions to the clues and a few last photos of my trip will come on Sunday.




4 responses

10 10 2009

The Epcot Center Globe!

10 10 2009

Ditto Mary’s response. 🙂

11 10 2009
Amanda Cathleen

Yes, it HAS to be the Epcot Center Globe! Did you see Figment while you where there? please tell me its still there.

11 10 2009

I had no idea but I love it! Now I want to knit Koolhaas again.

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