Playing catch up

22 10 2009

Spare time has been scarce lately getting things ready for Stitches East. Hopefully, after the weekend I’ll have more time again!

I really should be getting ready to leave but I really wanted to leave you with a few pretty pictures of a few pretty piles in my life.

Piles of knits

Pile of knits

These are all samples that will be hanging around the booth at Stitches East

Pile of bags

Pile of bags

I don’t know how many bags I ended up making for the show, but here are most of them. I hope they do well and find new homes!

Piles of fabric

Pile of fabrics

All these fabrics were waiting to be put away although some still need to get prewashed. I love seeing all these pretty fabrics together.

Piles of vegetables

CSA Week 19 - only one more week left!

I’ve only got one more week of CSA and then it’s over. I’ll be sad not to have all these fresh vegetables, but in a way it will be nice not to have to cook as much!

If you’re going to Stitches East, come visit me at booth 418, I’d love to see you!




6 responses

22 10 2009

418? Got it. Marking it on my map. I’ll see you on Saturday!!

22 10 2009

Will have to see those pretty bags in person!

22 10 2009

Good luck, I hope you sell out!

22 10 2009

Lovely piles! Have fun at Stitches!

24 10 2009

Great looking piles! Whenever I get ready to go on a trip I make a ton of piles, however they don’t look as good as your does! Have fun at stitches, I’m sure you will sell out of your bags and your samples will rock.

28 10 2009

Love all the colours of the yarns, bags and veggies.

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