10 days old already

17 07 2010

Please meet Oliver

Oliver - born 7/7/10 - 6.2lbs

Our little one decided that he wanted to come out and play a little earlier than planned and was born 10 days ago on July 7. Labor went well and 2 days later we went home together. Life since then is a blur consisting of lots and lots of nursing and very little sleep but we’re managing as best we can and days are much easier than nights!

As you can expect, I’ll probably wont be around these parts much for a while. Hopefully in a couple months when things have settled down a bit.

In the mean time, have a wonderful summer everyone!

The prodigal sock

21 04 2009

Yesterday, something totally horrific  happened at the Knitting in Pink household, a hand knit sock went AWOL.

In the morning, I placed my Simply Cables socks on the chair in our bedroom, thinking they were safe there and would not go anywhere.

Sockamania Simply Cables socks

Later that day, after DH came back from work and changed into more comfortable clothes, I went back to the bedroom and discovered that something terrible had just happened. I saw that one sock was crumpled on the floor and the other one simply had vanished.

After a heated discussion with the hubby I started tearing apart his drawers and his closet. You see, when he changed that evening, he had put away all his clothes that were also being stored on the chair and that’s when the sock went missing.

I looked everywhere, inside drawers, unfolding and refolding his pants, doing the same with sweaters and even digging through the dirty laundry. Sadly, the sock stayed un-found.

This morning I created a Wanted poster hoping that someone would come forward assuming the theft of the sock. It was either DH or me and if we’d had a cat, I could have blamed the cat too!


After coming home from work tonight, DH decided that he would start looking for the sock again, him accusing me (jokingly) that I had lost it, and me, accusing him of stealing it!

A few minutes later, DH comes out of the bedroom with a pair of socks in his hands! The sock had been found! Hurrah! He wouldn’t admit it, but I found out that he indeed had bundled the sock up by accident in one of his shirts the evening before.

Phew, crisis averted. Happiness is restored in the KIP household.

PS 1: no socks were hurt in the making of this post

PS 2: if you want to make your own Wanted poster, go here!

PS 3: DH is not claiming the sock yarn reward, I guess he doesn’t like yarn as much as I do!

The beauties of New England

19 04 2009

If you live in New England, one morning you could be hiking up Mt Monadnock in New Hampshire

Mt Monadnock

Discover that your 10 year old hiking boots are totally destroyed and might not make it all the way up the mountain and back

Busted out hiking boot

And in the late afternoon,  back in Massachusetts, in my in-law’s neighbor’s yard, see something quite unusual

Moose sighting

There was a moose walking around! He walked across the yard and crossed the street and walked behind another house.

Here’s a shaky video that DH took of the moose walking around. I wish I had taken my camera out sooner, as I would have had much better pictures.

What a day in New England!

Things that make me happy Friday

17 04 2009

Making progress on my Ishbel as well as pretty new stitch markers

Ishbel - making good progress

The Pink Pirate sent me some stitch markers she makes after she saw the stitch markers I was using previously. Isn’t she wonderful? After getting them from the post office I quickly sat down to knit another row on my shawl so I could remove my old stitch markers. I think it’s much better now!

Colorful stacks of fabrics for the 12 Squared Quilting Bee starting in May

12 Squared stacks

A finished Mod Sampler quilt top and back

Mod Sampler - Front

Mod Sampler - Back

Testing a mod to my box bags, not succeed quite yet but still come out with a pretty bag

Sheepy box bag

Feeding my Heather Ross addiction with her latest and last collection “Far Far Away”

Heather Ross Far Far Away

Finally setting up an etsy shop where I can sell my box bags!

Things that make me Happy Monday

23 02 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these, so here’s what makes me happy today:

Finding some Orla Kiely goodies at my local Target

Orla Kiely goodies

I bought one mug, one placemat and one towel set. The mug has already been put to good use and the placemat and towels will be used for some sewing project or other.

A new pair of socks

Finished Rococo socks

These socks have taken me 11 months to complete, so I’m really glad they’re finally ready to be worn. I used the Rococo Sock pattern by Knitspot and 2 skeins of O-Wool Classic 2-ply in Robin’s Egg.

New yarn

Sock Hop Rasta Rasta Man

I’ve finally got my hands on some Sock Hop in the Rasta Rasta Man colorway. I got lucky getting some from someone’s Ravelry Destash. There was no hesitation whatsoever!

Cute bag

Cute Owl bag

I found this bag at the Peabody Essex Museum’s shop a few weeks ago. I feel in love with the owls. It’ll make a great bag to take on vacation.

What makes you happy this Monday?

Just for fun

19 02 2009

Before / After

26 01 2009

I’m really lucky to have a craft room/studio all to myself. It’s really a small extension to the living room, an unheated three-season room. But it’s my own and has enough room for all my crafty stuff.

On one side of the room I have a closet with my yarn stash and most of my fabrics and a dresser with more fabrics. On the other side of the room I have a large table where you’ll find my sewing machine, a cutting mat and my sewing project in some type of order or disorder.

I took a couple pictures of the mess about a week ago and was determined to work on it to make it tidier.

Way too messy, I really need to clean that up!

If you click on each picture you’ll see the notes I’ve added.

Way too messy, I really need to clean that up!

There pants that need to be hemmed, fabrics that need to be pre-washed, quilts in various stages, box bags in progress and other projects as well.

Since I took these pictures I made an effort to get some of these projects done and over with. I’ve hemmed my  2 pairs of pants, pre-washed all my fabrics and made some progress on my box bags.

I made some progress

As of this afternoon all that is left on my sewing tables are 14 box bags that need to be finished and my quilts in progress. Those will get their turn once I’m done with my current batch of box bags.

What does your craft / yarn room look like? Is it messy like mine, or nice and tidy like I wish mine was?