Playing catch up

22 10 2009

Spare time has been scarce lately getting things ready for Stitches East. Hopefully, after the weekend I’ll have more time again!

I really should be getting ready to leave but I really wanted to leave you with a few pretty pictures of a few pretty piles in my life.

Piles of knits

Pile of knits

These are all samples that will be hanging around the booth at Stitches East

Pile of bags

Pile of bags

I don’t know how many bags I ended up making for the show, but here are most of them. I hope they do well and find new homes!

Piles of fabric

Pile of fabrics

All these fabrics were waiting to be put away although some still need to get prewashed. I love seeing all these pretty fabrics together.

Piles of vegetables

CSA Week 19 - only one more week left!

I’ve only got one more week of CSA and then it’s over. I’ll be sad not to have all these fresh vegetables, but in a way it will be nice not to have to cook as much!

If you’re going to Stitches East, come visit me at booth 418, I’d love to see you!


Half FO Friday

25 09 2009

I almost titled this post FO Friday, but it is more accurate to call it half-FO Friday. Last week I showed you my finished Poms, and then I disappeared again, sorry ’bout that!

While I was gone, I worked on a new batch of box bags. These ones are part 1 of the ones going to Stitches East, I still have many more to do!

Again, I made a few small ones

For Stitches East Part 1

And a few large ones

For Stitches East Part 1

Better close up pictures of the large ones here and here.

These bags are staying with me until the show so if one of you were interested in one, just comment here and we can work something out! : )

Besides finishing these bags I worked on a sock which will be a sample at Stitches East. I finished it a couple days ago and that’s one less thing I have to think about!

Tesserae Sock #1 done

The pattern is Tesserae by Knitspot and the yarn is Madtosh Sock in Black Currant. I love the color of this yarn, dark purples, blues with a hint of lighter pink. I can’t wait to have a finished pair!

I have a few more projects on the needles which I’ll show you in my next post!

Pomatomus, Pamotomus, Pamatamus…

18 09 2009

I’m way overdue sharing my latest knitting FO. I finished it right on the dot on August 31. I really was hoping to finish them by the end of August and I made it!

It took me just over 11 months to finish these socks, but I did it. The Pomatomus are done!


These socks were a fun knit. The pattern isn’t incredibly complicated and became fairly mindless towards the end. Of course, I made changes to the pattern. I knit them toe up and put in a short row heel. I think it would have been cool to reverse the pattern on the second sock but I don’t mind that both socks are identical. Maybe for the next pair of Poms?

I used the lovely Dream in Color Smooshy in Blue Lagoon and I love how the color works with the pattern. I haven’t gotten around to wearing them yet but the chilly days have started again and I’m wearing wool socks every day already so they’ll soon get their turn.

I finished as well the set of box bags to head out to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. I’m quite happy with the assortment of colors and prints. I hope they’ll all find new homes during the festival. If you’re in the area and are planning to go, make sure to stop by the yarn4socks booth and say hello!

Going to the Vermont Sheep and Wool festival
small size

Going to the Vermont Sheep and Wool festival
large size

Now I should really get back to the other batch that’s on my sewing table right now!

Hello everyone! I’m still here!

14 09 2009

It looks like I’ve seriously disappeared from the blog the last few weeks, so sorry about that!

I’ve been very busy with lots of different things. Do you want to see what’s been keeping me busy?

Since we started the CSA, I’ve been cooking what feels like 20 times more than before. Now I spend a good part of a few of my evenings cooking delicious recipes so as not to waste any of our precious vegetables. The last two recipes I made were this ratatouille and and this orzo and kale recipe.


The orzo and kale is definitely a winner and I will make it again next time I get kale in my CSA bag. The ratatouille I haven’t tasted yet but it definitely smelled and looked very good. It uses tons of vegetables so is very handy to empty out the fridge!

I’ve been working on box bags to send to the Vermont Sheep and Wool festival with yarn4socks in 2 weeks. That particular batch is almost done and will be handed over tonight. This is what my sewing table looked like yesterday morning.

On my sewing table

I’ve added a bunch of made to order box bags to the shop as it was starting to look very bare. I will be adding more throughout the week as well.

I’ve ordered up new business cards for me. The graphic designer I worked with did a fantastic job and am very pleased with the final results.

New business cards

I’ve also been doing some sewing for my quilting bee. Here are the 2 wonky stars blocks I made for Amanda. I really loved sewing those stars and I can see a wonky stars quilt in my future.

Wonky stars for Amanda

Last but not least, I have been knitting as well. I am currently making progress on my Lu. It’s going fairly fast and am a little further ahead than this photo shows. I’ve now put the sleeve cap stitches on a holder and am working on the underarm.

Making progress on Lu

Of course, a little a bit of this, plus another little bit of that, with a lot of this all adds up. But it’s all fun, so I’m quite happy.

Time to get back to work!

Stacks and winners!

10 08 2009

On my craft room floor and desk I have stacks and stacks. Stacks of fabrics, stacks of interfacing, stacks of zippers and stacks of handles. I’m getting ready for Stitches East and have about 70 box bags that I’m hoping to get done by then. I’m hoping to have 50+ fabric bags and a dozen oilcloth ones ready for the show, plus a few more for my shop (there’s been quite a few addition in the last few weeks, so if you haven’t visited in a while, have a look!).

I spent last weekend cutting up fabrics for all my box bags as well as the interfacing. My fabric stash has decreased quite a bit!

Do I look overwhelmed?

4 piles of future box bags (top left: oilcloth bags, bottom left: smalls, bottom right: large, top right: for my etsy shop)

Straps for 50+ box bags

Handles waiting to be topstitched


Stacks of cut up rectangles of lining and exterior fabrics waiting to be interfaced


All that cutting leaves me with piles of scraps…

Which leads me to the winners of the leftover Handmaiden Mini Maiden and my pile of scraps from last Monday’s giveaway! I really want to thank everyone who stopped by and participated in my giveaway. I really wish I had enough for everyone!

After adding numbers to the comments on my giveaway post I had pick a number for the yarn winner and a winner for the scraps winner. And the winners are: Stardust B. for the yarn and Angela for the fabric scraps. Congratulations to both of you! You will both be receiving an email shortly. If you don’t see anything, check your spam!

Things that make me Happy Friday

10 07 2009

I was going to post today about my UFOs, but I think that this post is going to be more fun!

This morning I met with my dear friend Carol for a coffee and she had the most amazing present for me! She made me a pair of socks, for me! About 2 months ago she was working on a pair of Nutkins for herself, the firstĀ  sock was coming out too small so she had me try it on, and it fit me perfectly. So she decided that she’d make them for me for my birthday! Fast forward to today and now they’re mine! Aren’t they lovely? And they fit me so well too, like they were made to fit me and only me! I’m a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful friend. Thank you Carol!

Nutkins for me!

If this non-summer we’ve been having lately continues, I’ll be able to wear them soon!

I got some great fabrics in the mail too. These were from a swap with Elizabeth:

Erin McMorris fat quarter stacks

There’s over 20 Erin McMorris Wildwood fat quarters plus 2 pieces of fun Alice in Wonderland fabric. Wildwood is a great collection and will make a great quilt one day.

I cast on last weekend for Cosmicpluto’s Milkweed shawl and it’s going along quite well. It’s still small enough that it doesn’t take very long for each row. I try to do at least a row every day and more when I can. I’m using HandMaiden Mini Maiden for the yarn and wow, that’s a gorgeous yarn to work with. The finished shawl is going to be a pleasure to wear.

Milkweed Shawl, charts A, B, C and B

Last but not least, I’m happy that my sewing machine is finally operational again, and I was able to finish 2 box bags this morning. I’ll be finishing up a few more over the weekend! It’s good to be able to sew again.

Just finished

Of course, the fact that today is Friday and that I’m enjoying my early weekend makes me happy too.

What makes you happy today?

Life isn’t fair when…

5 07 2009

You receive in the mail this gorgeous set of fabrics for the 12 Squared virtual quilting bee from Sarah, have a great idea and want to start sewing.

12 Squared fabrics for Sarah

You have all these cool box bags (my favorite batch so far) that need to be worked on.

Box bags in progress

You have this small scrappy quilt top (Strips and Bricks by Malka Dubrawsky aka Stitch and Dye in Sew Hip, April 09) all cut up and ready to sew.

All ready to be sewn up

You start working on this quilt and almost at the end of the 7th strip out of 15, your sewing machine goes on the fritz.

Strips and Bricks, almost 7 columns done

Yes, the machine is kaput, unusable, done for, dead to me. At least until I can get it looked at, which, because it’s the summer and a holiday weekend, not going to be until Monday. To add insult to injury, my friend graciously offered to lend me her barely used sewing machine, and I can’t get it to work, something wrong with the feed dogs.

It really isn’t fair, isn’t it?

I think I’m not going to get any sewing done this weekend. I guess I’ll have to knit! Wish me luck on Monday that they can fix my sewing machine really quick!