Quilting Monday

9 03 2009

The last few days I’ve had quite a bit of time to work on knitting (I finished one sock and am making very good progress on another one) but I got quite a bit of quilting done as well.

All this quilting was spurred by a quilt-along organized by Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson!.  Elizabeth is an amazing quilter and sews really beautiful quilts that appeal to me very much so when she decided to organize a quilt-along, I couldn’t resist. If you’re interested, you can check out the details here.

Before we get started with cutting and sewing, I really wanted to clear out some of my backlog of quilts, so this is what I did over the weekend.

I had a quilt that only needed a binding so after an evening piecing the binding and another few hours of machine sewing, my quilt was done! It was very windy outside so I only got a couple pictures of the quilt.

Stacked Coin quilt

and the pieced back

Pieced back

The quilt is now on the back of the couch and all I want to do now is sew new matching pillow covers!

A few months ago I had sewn together small scrappy quilt blocks and this weekend I finally got around to finishing each block with orange sashing. I got a lot of blocks so the quilt will be quite big. A friend of mine suggested that I add an additional sashing around the blocks in another color, but I don’t know yet if I should or not.

Scrappy quilt blocks

What do you think? And if I do add sashing, which color?

Now I’m all ready for the Mod Sampler quiltalong! I’m still waiting for a couple pieces of fabric to come in but here are most fabrics that I will be using.

Mod Sampler fabrics

Can you tell I’m addicted to Denyse Schmidt prints? : )  I can’t wait to get started!


Let’s not forget all the sewing I did

4 01 2009

In my last post I did a quick recap on what I knit in 2008 but I forgot to show all that I sewed during that year. As you will see, I have a lot more finished sewing projects than I had knitting projects.

Sewing and Quilting FOs of 2008

I sewed 32 box bags, 8 pillow covers, 3 quilts, 2 bags, 1 apron and a few more little pouches and coasters. I feel  more and more comfortable with my sewing machine and I hope that I will learn many more skills in this new year, including making buttonholes!

I made 2 sets of coasters since the beginning of the new year as well, and I finished my pinwheel quilt yesterday. On Friday, I finally decided to tarry no longer and start hand stitching the binding. I worked many hours but by the end of yesterday it was all done! I took the quilt outside this afternoon and got a few pictures.

The first photo I took out in the snow, the colors are a little washed out but you can see it in full. It’s not quite big enough to cover our queen size bed but I think it would fit nicely on a twin size bed.

Pinwheel Quilt in the snow

This one shows truer colors, even if you can’t see the entire quilt.

Pinwheel Quilt

I’m really happy with this quilt. It will make a nice lap blanket in the spring!

10 things that make me happy

22 12 2008
  1. After 3 days of non-stop snowing and the resulting 2 feet of snow, I am now sure that we’ll get a White Christmas
  2. A pretty gold and bronze Christmas tree
  3. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

  4. Setting up my little paper village on the mantel
  5. Little village on the mantle

  6. Knowing that all the Christmas shopping is done
  7. Finally making headway on my Calvert. All that’s left is finishing the 2 fronts; I’m at the armholes now, knitting the back yoke and the sleeves and a little bit of assembly.
  8. Almost to the armholes

  9. The quickest knit, a headband for my manager’s birthday which she really liked. I’ll definitely be making more of these. Ravelry details here.
  10. DROPS Headband

  11. Knowing that even though I couldn’t find a single copy of the latest Knit 1 anywhere, someone on Ravelry bought one for me and is going to be shipping it to me.
  12. Sewing the last 2 pillow covers for the couch. I had fun with both of these and made them a bit more involved than the others.
  13. The last 2 pillows for the couch

  14. Cutting up fabrics for 20 new box bags
  15. 20 future box bags

  16. Getting another quilt ready for quilting
  17. Quilt ready to be quilted


14 12 2008

Thank you everyone for all the scrappy log cabin love!

  • Did lots of sewing this weekend:
    • cushion covers for our couch

My weekend project!

    • binding on my pinwheel quilt

Binding for the Pinwheel Quilt

  • Got ready for Christmas with decorating the tree and putting the Christmas village up, on the mantle now that we have one!

Little village on the mantle

  • Did some knitting:
  • Finished the latest sock yarn square

Sock yarn square for the Michele Project

  • Cast on for a last minute birthday gift (Drops Headband – ravelry details)

Headband for my supervisor's birthday

Additional notes:

There’s one more pillow cover I want to sew for the couch, but I need to go buy a pillow form first. I used this tutorial for all the pillows, adapting it to my needs. They’re not fancy but they’ll do the trick, and I love the fabrics I used!

I started sewing the binding on my Pinwheel Quilt, I’ve sewn the front side of the binding, now I have to handstitch the back side of the binding. That might take a while…

I wore my Calorimetry to work last week, and my supervisor really liked it. Since it’s her birthday tomorrow I thought that I’d make her one. I wanted to try this other headband pattern by DROPS, so that’s what she’ll get! I’m already almost halfway through and I wont see her until Tuesday, so I should have it done by then!

Scrappy log cabin blocks

12 12 2008

A few nights ago I felt like sewing. Of course, I did not try to work on my Stacked Coin or my 40 Fat Quarter quilts but decided to start something new! The more WIPs, the merrier, right?

Totally random

I wanted to do something with my smaller charm squares (an assortment of 2″x2″ squares of random fabrics) and my scraps of fabrics. I always love how these look sewn as log cabin blocks so I started sewing. One square, 1 piece of fabric. Sew, trim and on to the next one, without trying to match the colors or anything like that. I knew that even if individually some blocks might look kind of garish, over all they’d work out together.

More blocks

After 2 evenings of sewing I have 46 blocks of various sizes. I will have to trim a bunch down to the smallest size but overall I like the effect. I decided that I’d use one of the fabrics I bought on my way back from Quebec last weekend as the borders around each block. I think that orange works well with the blocks as it pulls from the yellows and reds I used in most blocks.

Scrappy Log Cabin blocks

I have to admit that I have no idea when I will get to the next part of the quilt since I have a bunch more box bags to make (I sold quite a few of them already – thank you!) and I have to sew pillow covers for our new couch! And let’s not remind of the other two quilts I am working on!

My favorite block

My favorite block!

WIP Wednesday

29 10 2008

I was hoping to be able to show you at least one finished thing today, but instead I’ll show you 3 unfinished thing.

Up first are my Knitterly Things Vesper socks with afterthought heel. I’ve reached the cuff on the second sock and once that is done I’ll just have the heel to add and I’ll have a finished pair!

At the ribbing of the second sock

In second place is my Pomatomus sock. I really was hoping to have it done by today but didn’t get to knit on it much the last few days. I’ve only a few more rows left to knit before I start the ribbing.

Only a few rows left before the ribbing

And the reason why both of the previous socks aren’t done is mainly because of this:

Almost finished quilt top

My fingers have been itching to sew a quick and easy quilt top and this weekend I finally had some time and I just started cutting and sewing. I just have to add a top and bottom border and the quilt top will be finished. I also have to piece the back but that can wait until after Stitches East!

I also made sure to finish all these box bags that I’ll be bringing to Baltimore. Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my bags!

All done!

Knitting will resume its pace once we get back from Stitches… I can’t wait!

WIP Wednesday

13 08 2008

I’m back from vacation. Our stay in the Adirondacks was fun. There was rafting, hiking, visiting and a bit of shopping too. Although I did take my camera with me I didn’t end up taking any pictures. So you’ll have to make do with pictures of my knitting!

The evening before we took off I cast on for a new project… I am afraid that I am suffering from castonitis, hopefully it wont last too long!

This new project is Pixie Purls’ Country Kiddie in Jojoland Melody Superwash in the colorway 18.

Country Kiddie by Pixie Purls

I really love this cute pattern and will be making more of them. It is written for sock yarn and would look great in almost any yarn. I just have one ball of the Melody so I’m hoping that it will be enough to make a short top.

If I hadn’t worked so much on this little top I would probably be much further along on my Marigolds. They’re just waiting for a heel now.

Marigold ready for a heel

I did work quite a bit on my Vesper self-striping sock though and am now much further than this:

Clown sock ready for a heel

The sock now looks like a long tube as I will be knitting an afterthought heel on it. I hope it works out!

I did not work on my Tipsy Socks at all so they look exactly like they did before I left.

And I won’t even mention my 4 other single socks…

Another big WIP is my 1930’s Pinwheel quilt top. It was sandwiched together the day before I left and I tried my hand at hand-quilting while on vacation. I didn’t get very far on it but I hope to be able to work a bit on it every week.

Sandwiched and ready to go!

Maybe I will have it done in 2015!