Stitches Update

9 11 2009

Stitches has been over for what, 3 weeks already and I’m just getting around to doing a recap post. Sorry ’bout that, things are pretty crazy around here. No swine flu here, not even the regular flu, just a lot of work and not a lot of free time. But tonight I have some time, so, yay!

Stitches was fun, I even got to see some of you, although I did miss a few of you too as I left early. The yarn4socks booth was quite nice I thought but since photography wasn’t allowed I didn’t take any pictures of the booth. I did sneak quick camera phone pictures of my box bags before the marketplace opened though. They’re not very good but they’ll have to do.

I didn’t have a lot of room on the table so had to keep most of the box bags folded in a basket as you can see below:


I didn’t sell as much as I was hoping but did sell quite a few. The remaining bags are going to several shops so it wasn’t a waste at all. (if you’re interested 20 bags are going up at yarn4socks at this Sunday’s update)

I didn’t go crazy with the purchases and only bought 2 things:

Stitches East purchases

I hadn’t had a chance to see Jared Flood’s new book yet but I knew I wanted to make the vest on the cover. I was also attracted to the colors in the Zauberball and just had to bring one home with me. I knew I wasn’t going to knit socks with it but I knew that it would be perfect for a pattern I had just purchased, Little Colonnade by Stephen West, which you saw last week.

On a side note about Stitches: Did you know that the first thing I noticed the first time I walked onto the Marketplace was the full rows of Socks that Rocks at the Webs booth. I couldn’t believe it but I later found out that Webs is now going to be carrying STR, not online though but only in their store. What I thought was ironic was that the previous weekend, people were lining up for hours at the STR booth at Rhinebeck to get a skein of STR (I probably would have too, if I’d gone) and it was available right there a few days later, without any queuing involved. So if you’re in the market for STR, make a little trip to Webs, you’ll be able to buy all you want!

Stitches East is going to be in Hartford for the next 2 years so I’m sure I’ll get a chance to go next year! Maybe I’ll buy more yarn! : )


Stitches East

11 11 2008

I’m finally back. I haven’t been posting much in the last few weeks/months but hopefully I can start blogging more regularly again! For my come back here’s my (short) recap of my latest trip!


Stitches East was a blast. We drove down on Wednesday to Baltimore with the car packed with yarn, displays and much more. We had time to unload on Wednesday and start setting up. The next day, we finalized our set up and got ready for Market Preview when all the students came to check out the marketplace. The next 3 days were a whirlwind of business, achy feet and lots of shopping. Here are a couple of pictures of our booth (before we found out we weren’t allowed to take pictures).

The wall of yarn

Wall of socks & other samples

We met lots of really nice people at the show and had a lot of fun browsing through all the booths when there was time to do so. I did a lot of shopping… and made some great purchases!

Stitches East purchases

You can find out more about all the yarns I bought and some that didn’t make it onto the photo by clicking here (you’ll also see more photos of the booth set up). I got some great sweater yarns, a couple sock yarns of course and a few accessories like buttons, a circular needle and a shawl pin.

I also sold most of my box bags; I have 2 left and I’ll post pictures as soon as I can in case one of you is interested!

I finished my Snowflake Lace socks last night and felt totally entitled to starting a new project, the Celtic Vest that you can see above. It’s a really fast knit so I should finish it by the end of the month. I don’t know if that counts for NaKniSweMo (or something like that) seeing as it is a vest but there’s no chance I’ll finish my Calvert by the end of the month, so I’ll settle for that. I’ll have more pictures on my next post, hopefully before next week! ; )

I’m looking forward to Stitches East next year, especially since it will be only about one hour away from where I live instead of seven!

Eye Candy Friday

29 08 2008

This last week has been very good to me yarn-wise. Over a period of 3 days I received 2 beautiful skeins of sock yarn.

The first one was the last instalment of the Knitterly Things Summer Sock Club. For some reason I was convinced that we would receive a Wee Skeins kit as part of the sock club so when the last mailing came I was sure that was what I would find in my package. I was a little disappointed when I opened the package but my disappointment was short when I saw the beautiful skein that I had in my hand.

Indian Summer Close Up

I think that this yarn is the most pleasing arrangement of colors, it just goes so well all together! The yarn, a merino tencel blend is also something new for me, so I really look forward to knitting it up.

My other yarn came as a surprise. Last week I won a contest over at Chrissy’s Random Life‘s blog. Chrissy is the dyer behind the new Yarn Sprout. When I first saw that name I fell in love with it, I don’t know why but I just loved it. Chrissy dyes her yarn with natural dyes, which I think is really great too.

Here’s the skein of sock yarn in the color Juicy that she sent me:

Yarn Sprout Juicy

First, it’s pink, and it’s a beautiful peachy pink, almost a solid, that will be perfect for so many things!

Don’t they look great together? I most likely wont knit them in one project but I thought that these two colorways worked very well. Now the question is, what will these beauties become!

Don't they look pretty together?

Random Wednesday with an S

4 06 2008

Stash Enhancing

Kauni yarns

This is some Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 that I bought at Tricolaine, Carouge when I was in Geneva 2 weeks ago. Annelis, the owner is a wonderful person. I met her 2 years ago when I was on vacation there and had the chance to be a be able to spend a couple afternoons knitting with her. You can see a picture of her holding my Kureyon sock if you click here (make sure to look at her gorgeous sweater – I’ll have to ask her what the pattern is). I don’t know yet what I’ll be doing with the Kauni yarn, probably some lace when I have time for that sort of thing. In the mean time it will just grace my stash with their beauty. (The skein on the right has stripes of brown, blues and burgundies like this.)

Spinning accessories

New accessories

I’ve finally purchased a tensioned lazy-kate and a larger niddy-noddy for myself. The lazy-kate was ordered for me by Debbie from Iron Horse Farm and I bought the niddy-noddy from Mind’s Eye Yarns at their booth at the Gore Place sheepshearing festival in Waltham, MA back in April.

Sewing project underway

Time for some sewing

I finally cut up my pattern pieces for the Frenchy Bag. This was back on Sunday and I haven’t had a chance to do more. I really wanted to have finished this week but I don’t know that it’s going to happen.

Special Swap Sweet Treats

Special Swap Sweet Treats package

I received yesterday my Special Swap Sweet Treats swap package from Yarn Yenta. She sent me an assortment of fun goodies including a muffin mix, cute patterns for felted toy animals, a chibi and a tape measure. I’d been wanting a chibi for a while now and now I have my own!

Socks in progress

Socks in progress

On the left you will notice my Noro Kureyon Sock. It’s knitting up fairly well. The yarn is rough and has uneven spots here and there but I’m not disliking the process at all. There was a break in the stripe continuation mid-heel and at first I just knit it like that. Then, after having started the leg I just ripped it all out and decided to keep the striping sequence and split-splice the yarn together. This is the sock that I will be bringing on my trip to TNNA tomorrow. Donna and I are driving out to Columbus, OH for the show. We’ll both be driving so there will be time for some knitting. I’m really excited about going to the show, I think that it will be crazy but super interesting. We’ll be stopping here and there at some yarn shops so if you know of any in the area, make sure to let me know! I’ll be back Tuesday with details about the trip! The sock on the right is a Rococo sock by Knitspot knit in O-Wool Classic 2-ply. I only have 8 rows left to knit and then I can bind off. The pattern is very fun and interesting without being difficult. I love how the sock looks and I’m looking forward to having a pair.

So this is what’s going on at Knitting In Pink’s. I hope that once all these trips are over that I’ll have a bit more time for crafting and blogging and will be able to post more often.

Talk to you next week!