Reds & Oranges

4 11 2009

After Purple, come the Reds and Oranges.

Reds and Oranges

On the left are a pair (well, not quite a pair) of sleeves for my Ursa cardigan. Now that I don’t have any deadline knitting anymore I’ve decided to work mostly on my cardigan so that I could maybe have it done by Christmas. I don’t think that will happen but you never know, and it is good to have goals! I’m really looking forward to starting the body of the cardigan.

The other project is Little Colonnade by Stephen West knit in the Zauberball I bought at Stitches East (I just realized I never showed you what I got at Stitches!). I’m about 2/3 of the way on the stockinette section and the rows are getting long!

I only have these 2 projects on the needles, no socks at all. I will be traveling in a few days so will definitely need to cast on for a pair before I leave. Any suggestions for cool sock patterns appropriate for traveling?


WIP Wednesday

14 10 2009

It’s not vacation time anymore,  it’s time for some knitting!

My knitting time has seriously been reduced these past months, it seems that most of my free time I’m sewing box bags lately. Thankfully, Stitches East is next week and after that I’ll be done with this particular rush.

I have been knitting for Stitches East as well, so what you see today are items that I hope to have done by next Thursday!

First up are my Tessarae Socks:

Tessarae socks

I only needed one sock for Stitches so I’m all set with that. I will be bringing sock #2 along in case there’s some downtime.

Up next, my Lu Vest:


This one is 99% done, I really just need to weave in the 6 ends, and then I’ll be done. Maybe I’ll be able to get some good FO shots this weekend!

Last but not least, my only real WIP:

2 thirds done with the cowl

This is Carol’s Kensington Cowl. I am about 2/3 done and I hope to get another few rows done tonight. I definitely should have this done in time for Stitches. It wasn’t until I took this photo that I noticed the difference in the 2 skeins I’ve used so far. I’m hoping that since I hadn’t noticed until then I won’t notice it anymore.

If you’re in New England, I really hope to see you there!

WIP Wednesday

30 09 2009

It’s time to come clean with all my projects! In a perfect life, I would have 2 projects going at once, maybe 3.

  • Stockinette socks for the car/travel
  • Larger project for at home or visiting
  • Long term project like a sweater or shawl

I guess I’m not doing too bad because this is what I’m working on now:

Rasta Rasta socks, just a leg left to go

Stockinette socks: I’m working on the leg of the second sock now

Lu, almost halfway done

Larger mostly mindless project: Lu vest, almost halfway done

Ursa sleeve

Long term project: Ursa cardigan, set aside for the summer but I’ve started working on the sleeve again.

Of course I also have the Tessarae sock you saw last week and many more projects on the mind!

I hear purple is in this winter

I hear that purple is the “In” color for this winter and that’s what I’ve got! The 3 skeins of bulky weight (Araucania Coliumo Solid) will be for Carol’s Kensington Cowl and the 1 skein of worsted weight (Madtosh Tosh Merino) will be for another cowl, the Tamarind Cowl. I also bought the Little Colonnade shawl pattern and I think that might be my next shawl. I also quite like the Wandering the Moor shawl pattern, so that’s going to be a tough fight deciding which to go with!

But first I have to finish Lu! How many WIPs do you have?

WIP Wednesday

20 08 2009

During my short vacation in the Adirondacks, I made some progress on 3 single socks. I really was hoping to finish the second Pomatomus sock but didn’t quite make it. There was a little stitch problem at the start of the last repeat and, although I knew that the solution was in the text of the pattern, I didn’t have it with me. So I just put it on hold and started working on another sock.

3 socks in progress

I started working on the left most sock. It’s the Tesserae pattern by Knitspot and the yarn is Madtosh Sock in Black Currant from here. The pattern is very easy and once I’m done with the Sock Hop sock (in the middle) it will become my on the go sock.

So these are the socks that I am currently working on. Both the Pomatomus and the Sock Hop are on sock #2 and the Tesserae is on sock #1.

That’s practically it for knitting projects. I haven’t touched the only other knitting project I have in quite some time. Hopefully, when my deadline knitting is over I’ll be able to devote all my time to it.

Even though I’ve slowed down on my knitting quite a bit these last few months, I quite enjoy always having socks to work on. What are you working on these days?

WIP Wednesday

24 06 2009

Two posts in a row!

Even though I haven’t been posting about my knitting much lately (last time was June 8!), I have been knitting, a little bit.

Since my poll about the Sock Hop sock, I decided to rip down to the toe and start anew. I decided to go in plain stockinette this time.

Sock Hop sock in progress

This sock is my traveling sock, so it doesn’t see much action. But I’ll get it done eventually.

My at-home sock is Pomatomus sock #2. I only work on it while watching TV, and I haven’t been watching much TV lately so it’s going along slowly. I’m more than halfway through the foot already though so hopefully I’ll have it done sooner than later.

Pomatomus sock 2 in progress

Especially since I have some sock yarn lined up for my next pair!

Madelinetosh Sock in Black Currant

That right there, is one gorgeous skein of Madelinetosh Sock in Black Currant, from yarn4socks of course. I’m going to be doing a Knitspot pattern with it, but I just can’t decide which one. Any suggestions?

And now, to distract you a bit from staring at the yarn, here’s something else that’s pretty to look at. And definitely delicious to eat:

That's my kind of salad!

This is what I call a salad. My kind of salad. With fresh picked CSA greens, radishes, tomatoes and avocado. Homemade dressing, bread and butter. Best kind of meal! Click on the photo for more details and my salad dressing recipe.