1 11 2009

For some reason, I’ve never been a big fan of purple. I don’ t know why but somehow, my last 3 FO’s are purple. How did that happen?


First there was the Kensington Cowl knit in Araucania Coliumo Solid in Purple. [Ravelry details]

Then there was the Felicity Hat knit in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino in Wisteria [Ravelry details]

Lastly, the Tessarae Socks knit in Madelinetosh Sock in Black Currant [Ravelry details]

I also bought myself a purple hobo handbag from Target

Even better, purple is one of the trendy colors for winter 09 so I guess I’ll be quite fashionable this winter!

BTW, I love my Felicity Hat. It’s the perfect hat. It knits up quick and I could see having one in every color!

Playing catch up

22 10 2009

Spare time has been scarce lately getting things ready for Stitches East. Hopefully, after the weekend I’ll have more time again!

I really should be getting ready to leave but I really wanted to leave you with a few pretty pictures of a few pretty piles in my life.

Piles of knits

Pile of knits

These are all samples that will be hanging around the booth at Stitches East

Pile of bags

Pile of bags

I don’t know how many bags I ended up making for the show, but here are most of them. I hope they do well and find new homes!

Piles of fabric

Pile of fabrics

All these fabrics were waiting to be put away although some still need to get prewashed. I love seeing all these pretty fabrics together.

Piles of vegetables

CSA Week 19 - only one more week left!

I’ve only got one more week of CSA and then it’s over. I’ll be sad not to have all these fresh vegetables, but in a way it will be nice not to have to cook as much!

If you’re going to Stitches East, come visit me at booth 418, I’d love to see you!

WIP Wednesday

14 10 2009

It’s not vacation time anymore,  it’s time for some knitting!

My knitting time has seriously been reduced these past months, it seems that most of my free time I’m sewing box bags lately. Thankfully, Stitches East is next week and after that I’ll be done with this particular rush.

I have been knitting for Stitches East as well, so what you see today are items that I hope to have done by next Thursday!

First up are my Tessarae Socks:

Tessarae socks

I only needed one sock for Stitches so I’m all set with that. I will be bringing sock #2 along in case there’s some downtime.

Up next, my Lu Vest:


This one is 99% done, I really just need to weave in the 6 ends, and then I’ll be done. Maybe I’ll be able to get some good FO shots this weekend!

Last but not least, my only real WIP:

2 thirds done with the cowl

This is Carol’s Kensington Cowl. I am about 2/3 done and I hope to get another few rows done tonight. I definitely should have this done in time for Stitches. It wasn’t until I took this photo that I noticed the difference in the 2 skeins I’ve used so far. I’m hoping that since I hadn’t noticed until then I won’t notice it anymore.

If you’re in New England, I really hope to see you there!

Disney vacation contest results!

11 10 2009

Thank you to everyone who’ve participated in my little contest. It was quite fun reading all of your guesses for my seven clues. Some of you were often right! The one who was the most often right with 4 rights out of seven, and that person is Annette of  Confessions of a Yarn Addict. Congratulations Annette!

Here are the exact answers to the 7 clues:

Clues #1-7

1. Tom Sawyer Island – Magic Kingdom (no one guessed this but 2 people guessed the closest with Disney)
2. Train that goes to Rafiki’s Planet Watch – Animal Kingdom (the closest guesses was for the African area of Animal Kingdom)
3. Toy Story Mania – Hollywood Studios
4. It’s a small world – Magic Kingdom
5. Wilderness Lodge
6. Norway pavilion – Epcot
7. Spaceship Earth pavilion – Epcot (for this I accepted Epcot Center Globe)

Here a few additional pictures that were taken around Disney that I thought were interesting, enjoy! Feel free to click on each picture for additional details.

Trip to Disney in 9 photos

Where in the world is? Clue #7

10 10 2009

I guess I don’t know how to count! Yesterday I said that there were 3 clues left. I have absolutely no idea where I pulled that number from. Clue #7 is actually the last clue, even this is quite fun and I could have a lot more pictures for  you. But I’m sure you’d like to see some knitting too again, so knitting content will resume on Monday.

So for the last clue I present something that should be very easy!

Clue #7

Contest winners, solutions to the clues and a few last photos of my trip will come on Sunday.

Where in the world is? Clue #6

9 10 2009

We’re nearing the end of my Where in the world is? contest. There are only 3 clues left!

Today’s clue is knitting-related. Yes, I somehow found something that had something to do with knitting at Disney. Where do you think I saw this?

Clue #6

I did not buy one of these kits, but I was tempted!

ETA: The kit is one of the Learn to Knit kit, like this one.

Where in the world is? Clue #5

8 10 2009

Boy, you guys are good! You’re guessing pretty accurately, it’s going to be tough figuring out who’s going to win!

After the egret and the platypus, today we have a pair of green bisons…

Clue #5

So let’s see if you can figure out where these are from!