Where to begin?

5 03 2010

Let’s see. I’ve been gone from this blog for 4 months already. It does feel like it’s been forever and I hope some of my readers are still out there! I know at least one of you is, thank you Becky for inquiring after me, that was very, very sweet of you.

The biggest news is this:

Guess what!

and it’s also the reason why I’ve completely disappeared and have barely knit or sewed a stitch in the last 4 months. It might not look like much in the photo but from where I’m sitting, it’s pretty impressive! I’ll be 20 weeks tomorrow and it we just found out last Friday that it’s a boy! The first three months I could barely drag myself to work, let alone do anything else. Things are starting to turn up and I feel more like myself energy-wise.Β  I’ve had to switch to maternity pants already and it sure makes a difference. Also, I’m awfully thankful for extra long tanks and shirts from Target.

To add to the tiredness we just moved 2 weeks ago into a bigger place. There’s still a lot of boxes everywhere but slowly everything is getting put away. I still have all of these to deal with:

4 boxes full of fabric

That’s 4 totes full of fabric. And so you get a better idea, I only had 2 totes worth of yarn. Which were put away the first weekend. The only reason I haven’t put it all away yet is that I ‘d like to reorganize the whole fabric stash and can’t quite work up the energy to start the process.

I do plan to start sewing again as soon as my office/sewing area is settled again and I can’t wait! I’ve been knitting a tiny bit here and there and I will show you that on my next post. Yes, I hope to start blogging more regularly again, at least until the baby comes!




15 responses

5 03 2010

Excuse me?!?!?!?! That is such exciting news. Congratulations!!!!! πŸ™‚

5 03 2010
Tina M.

Congratulations! I was wondering where you went. Good luck with your pregnancy, and take the time you need. Your whole life is going to change now, and everyone will understand.

5 03 2010

Congrats!!! On both pregnancy and new home.

5 03 2010

YAY!!! Love the bump…he’s going to have one crafty momma!

5 03 2010

Hah! This is your first one! That bump is tiny! Don’t feel bad, I know you’ve been working hard to get where you are at!

5 03 2010

Congratulations! I had hoped your absence was due to something wonderful like this! =)

5 03 2010

Yay – a boy! I’m glad you’re getting some of your energy back. I’ve missed your blog! πŸ™‚

5 03 2010


5 03 2010

Blog when you feel like and REST! Never stand when you can sit. Never sit when you can lie down.

6 03 2010

Congratulations!! That’s so exciting! =D

6 03 2010

Congratulations , I was starting to wonder if you were okay .:)

8 03 2010

Congratulations! Believe it or not, I was wondering if you were pregnant and that was why you weren’t blogging. And then add packing and moving on top of it! No wonder you were gone. I’m glad to hear everything is okay… if exhausting. Take care!

8 03 2010

You get a total pass for slacking on blogging – you’ve been VERY busy!!! Congratulations!

8 03 2010

YAY!!! Congratulations!

10 03 2010

Hooray! Congrats! I was just thinking about you the other day and was wondering where you were – hadn’t seen you update flickr or your blog. Glad it’s such good news!

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