WIP Wednesday

29 10 2008

I was hoping to be able to show you at least one finished thing today, but instead I’ll show you 3 unfinished thing.

Up first are my Knitterly Things Vesper socks with afterthought heel. I’ve reached the cuff on the second sock and once that is done I’ll just have the heel to add and I’ll have a finished pair!

At the ribbing of the second sock

In second place is my Pomatomus sock. I really was hoping to have it done by today but didn’t get to knit on it much the last few days. I’ve only a few more rows left to knit before I start the ribbing.

Only a few rows left before the ribbing

And the reason why both of the previous socks aren’t done is mainly because of this:

Almost finished quilt top

My fingers have been itching to sew a quick and easy quilt top and this weekend I finally had some time and I just started cutting and sewing. I just have to add a top and bottom border and the quilt top will be finished. I also have to piece the back but that can wait until after Stitches East!

I also made sure to finish all these box bags that I’ll be bringing to Baltimore. Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my bags!

All done!

Knitting will resume its pace once we get back from Stitches… I can’t wait!


Monday Favorites

27 10 2008

It’s time again for a Monday Faves’s post. Enjoy!

Monday Favorites 10/2708

1. more folktale handspun mittens, 2. SAFF 2008 – stash, 3. Amy Butler Birdie Sling with Heather Bailey fabric, 4. 3 palettes, 5. colors of rhinebeck, 6. Olivia Block 3, 7. Middle, 8. witch by mimi kirchner, 9. blackcurrant, 10. Quilt – WIP, 11. drying in the sun, 12. po calendar, 13. swan-pick, 14. Swoon…, 15. Yellow Flower Top, 16. cutesypoo deer embroidery, 17. WIP Zig Zag Quilt, 18. Log Cabin Quilt, 19. wall o fabric, 20. Pop Garden and Bijoux, 21. big sky, 22. chocqua, lime, and olive, 23. Feltbeads, 24. Mini BSJ in Wollmiese

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Monday Favorites 10/20/08

1. chicken, 2. Close-Up of Selvedge, 3. Keeping the skin pristine, 4. preen pear!, 5. special SP yarn, 6. The gnome had it coming, 7. plain spoken quilt, 8. tomte Alfred, 9. fabric-covered-stag, 10. Geninne’s Illustrated Wall of Curiosities, 11. WIP: Fishtail Wristwarmers, 12. mitten circle, 13. lilly, 14. dahlias from the garden – arranged, 15. Giveaway goodies close up, 16. more fall, 17. My New Quilt Top!, 18. Done! Scrap Project Pillow – Group Two, 19. Vesper Mittens, 20. Granny Square Scarf

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Monday  Favorites 09/29/08

1. owlies for tomorrow’s update, 2. Fall Picnic, 3. handspun_skein, 4. button palette, pt. 2, 5. little-yellow-hen, 6. Pears!, 7. Heather Ross Fat Quarters, 8. wool eater, 9. bartlett pears and damson plums, 10. Road cushon 1, 11. joni [365.298], 12. repurposed-charm-pin, 13. Esther socks, 14. things i like, 15. The little socks that could, 16. Rainbow rectangles, 17. Vintage Bias Tapes, 18. fairy princess, 19. found, 20. I had a much more productive day today, 21. Olivia’s rag rug, 22. sunny notes, 23. s i x patchwork pincushions., 24. Stanley R. Hooper, 25. r e d patchwork pincushion., 26. Gerberas, 27. full pincushion, 28. common ground : fiber tent

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Make sure to click on the links for more details. And you can see all my Monday Favorites here.

Getting ready, again

24 10 2008

The countdown has started, only 12 days left.

12 days left to what you ask?

12 days left until


Yup, yarn4socks will be at Stitches East this year, which means that we’ve been crazy busy getting everything ready for it.

  • Knit 8 samples socks – check

7 sample socks

Oops, there’s one missing…

Blue Lagoon Poms

There it is! I don’t know why I thought that a Pomatomus would be a good deadline knitting sock but it ended up being better than I anticipated. I’ve only 2 repeats to go on the leg and then I’ll be all set for the ribbing. So it should be finished in time.

  • Sock blockers for all of our sample socks – check

Socks & sock blockers

You can’t really tell but there are at least 16 sock blockers there.

  • 17 box bags to sell at the show – not check

6 bags out of 17 done

These 6 are pretty much done

The other 11 - assembly line style

The remainder are still in need of a bit of finishing. You can see them there assembly line style (my sewing machine is right off picture).

I still have a couple things to do to them before they’re completely finished but they should be done in time too.

  • Signs for our booth and for the shelving units – not done at all

Guess what I’m going to be doing this weekend!

All silliness aside, if you’re in the Baltimore area and are planning to go to Stitches East, please come and say hi!

Rhinebeck recap

19 10 2008

The drive up to Rhinebeck was pretty uneventful, except for some cows crossing the road and lots of trafic just before arriving to the fairgrounds. Even though I wasn’t really planning to get any Socks that Rocks, my friend Carol wanted some so we first headed to their booth. Carol and I made a few selections and then headed for the line. We had to wait about 30 minutes before we were able to pay and in the mean time our selections ended up changing entirely. I ended up purchasing 2 mill ends skeins, one in Silkie and one medium weight.

Sock yarn Rhinebeck purchases

STR Silkie in Lover’s Leap, STR medium weight in Oregon Honey Clover and on the right, Holiday Yarns FlockSock sock yarn in Yarn Fairy

After a successful STR purchase we made our way to the Ravelry meet up where we were witness to some acrobatics on the part of some Ravelry staff to be able to take a group picture.

How to take a photo of a crowd by Ravelry

Later, we met Franklin at his book signing.


We also met Mason-Dixon’s Ann and Kay and we admired their beautiful Belinda scarves.

Carol with Mason-Dixon's Kay & Ann

I bought more yarn, see sock yarn above on the right, and single skeins for a hat and cowl project.

Non-sock yarn Rhinebeck purchases

On left Northern Lights Yarn (mohair, kid mohair and rambouillet blend) and on right Alpaca with a Twist Highlander a baby alpaca, merino, microfiber and viscose blend)

I didn’t end up buying either a shawl pin or buttons for my Calvert (I totally forgot about it and didn’t bring my swatch to match buttons) but I guess I did buy sock yarn!

After a full afternoon of wooly fun/fumes, we went to the Ravelry party for a bit of fun and had a chance to meet and chat with friends. Sadly, we had to leave early and we missed the prize drawings and more times to spend with friends. But I’ll make sure to be there next year!

Getting ready for Rhinebeck

17 10 2008

Am I ready yet?

New shoes – check

New shoes

Dansko Marcelle Cabrio

New shirt – almost, still got to iron on the logo

Iron on

New business cards – check

Business cards

Cute buttons to give out – check


Knitting – check


Good friend to go with – check

I’m really looking forward to going to Rhinebeck this year. I don’t really have plans for any purchase, maybe a shawl pin and some sock yarn of course. I’ll be giving out some of our really cute new buttons so if you see me, come and ask me for one. See you there!

In Greens and Pinks

13 10 2008

It seems like my last two projects have something in common, they’re almost the same color! I didn’t really realize that fact until they were both done and side by side.

Here’s my first square for the Michele Project, click here if you want to help and need more information. I knit it out of Twisted Fiber Art Arial in the Sherwood colorway, a beautiful mix of greens and pinks.

Square #1 for the Michele Project

The square is 9″ wide and I ended up increasing from 12 stitches at the beginning to 220 stitches around. It really didn’t take that long so I’ll definitely try to knit one or more for the blanket. I have plenty sock yarn leftovers for that!

My other project that I want to show you is a finished K1C2 Ty-Dy sock.

Ty-Dy sock #1

I love the big sections of green with the smaller sections of pink and brown. The pattern is something I made up on the fly, nothing very fancy and I think it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate on sock #2. I really liked knitting up the sock and look forward to having a pair to wear. Here‘s another picture if you’re interested.

Eye Candy Friday

10 10 2008

Sweet, sweet sock yarn…

Stash Enhancement

From left: Ball and Skein Sock yarn in Sunrise, Shivaya Naturals Fingering Merino in Camellia and Hello Yarn Sock in Sour. Now if I could only get my hand on some Mama Blue