WIP Wednesday

30 09 2008

I currently have 5 different projects on the needles:

  • 3 socks
  • 1 hat
  • 1 sweater

The first sock is sock #2 of my Snowflake Lace socks that were started back in January. All I have left is the leg, so hopefully it wont take me until January of next year to finish the pair.

Snowflake Lace socks

Sock #2 is the Vesper sock with the afterthought heel. I’m about halfway down the foot of sock #2 but I forgot to take a picture.

Sock #3 is the sock I just couldn’t resist, the K1C2 Ty-Dy sock yarn. I’ve worked on it quite a bit so I’m up to the leg now.

Ty-Dy Socks

The pattern is something I made up on the spot, just a simple rib here and there to make it more interesting.

I cast on yet another project a few days ago. DH has been wanting a hat for a while and after showing him a couple pattern he decided on the Turn a Square pattern by Jared Flood. I picked up 2 skeins of Silk Garden for him to choose and a skein of Ella Rae Classic as the contrasting color. I couldn’t really figure out how to work the jogless stripe so I am working it as is. I have enough yarn for another hat so I’ll figure it out by then.

Turn a Square hat for DH

It’s a very quick knit and will probably work on it exclusively until it’s done. Hopefully by this weekend!

Before I cast on for the hat I got a bit of progress done on my Calvert, I have about 4 inches done on it.

Calvert - bottom 3 inches

I don’t get to knit very much, maybe one hour at night and I don’t knit very fast, so this last project is pretty long term!

Sock Meme

26 09 2008

When did you first learn to knit socks? My first pair of socks was in May 2006, I had just started knitting a few months earlier and socks was a normal progression for me. I went from knitting scarves to knitting socks.

What’s the first sock you ever knit? My first sock was a plain stockinette sock with heel flap knit out of Sisu sock yarn. They fit me really wear and are still holding strong.

My first pair of socks (May 06)

Favorite Sock Pattern? My favorite pattern is a turkish cast on, magic loop, toe-up, short row heel and plain stockinette. That’s my go to pattern. I don’t need any instructions and could cast on anywhere. I will go top-down only if really necessary and if I want to do a picot cuff. Also, I will avoid heel flaps at all cost.

Yarntini Home plain stockinette sock

Favorite needle method? Magic Loop all the way, I hate dpns!

Favorite sock needles? I quite like my Inox because the cables don’t kink up, but the join between the needle and the cable is not very smooth and my Addis because the join is so smooth but they kink up really badly. I would like to try the Knit Picks circulars.

Who do you knit socks for? Mostly myself, it’s the easiest. If my count is correct I’ve knit 33 pairs of socks since May 2006 plus 7 singles. Only one of these pairs went to DH. 7 of the remainder were for swaps, given to my mom or a friend. So I guess I own 25 pairs of socks.

Monkey socks

What is on your sock knitting to-do list? Knit the mates to my 6 singles, plus finish the 1 single that’s on the needles now. I have a good head start one one of these plus the beginnings of another matching sock. I want to knit a pair of Monkeys for myself (these above were for a swap) and there are tons of sock patterns I want to try. But I’ve been knitting socks pretty much non-stop since May 2006 so my goal now is to find patterns other than socks to knit with sock yarn.

Ty-Dy sock

What kind of socks do you like to knit-

Striped? Yes, got lots of those!
Colorwork? Not yet, but I’d love to try these
Plain Stockinette? Oh yes, mostly
Cabled? I’ve done some of those. But if there are too many cables I go crazy
Lace? I like those too
Anklets? Nope, what’s the point!
Knee Socks? I doubt it, but there are some pretty knee socks out there. But I don’t think I’d have the patience.
Solid colors? Semi-solids rather than solids
Bright and crazy? Sure! I like to have something fun to wear, especially like those below!
Faux Fair Isle? Maybe

80s Punk Rock socks

Random Monday

22 09 2008


I tried a new free pattern I found over at Show Your Workings. It is a pattern for the Japanese knot bag. I ended up sewing up two bags because I wasn’t sure I’d understood everything properly the first time around. I still haven’t quite figured out what to do with the handles but here’s the second bag I made.

Japanese knot bag - try #2

The bag is reversible and you can see the other side here. The first bag was made with a Japanese print and you can see it here and here.


This weekend, DH and I went to stART on the Street in Worcester. My friend Karen from Simply June had a booth there. I just had to purchase this cute little pouch, especially since this button came with it!

Stitched mushroom button


Also this weekend, I hiked up Mt Monadnock, NH. It was quite the hike and I have to say that I am quite sore. The view from the top was really awesome and well worth the hardship to make it there.


You can see a lot more pictures in this Flickr set. I managed to knit a couple rows on my Knitterly Things stripy sock and you can see that I’m wearing my finished Stacked Eyelet Cowl.


I just had to. I couldn’t resist. We just got in this new yarn for the store and I had to have some. And I had to cast on, right away… The yarn is K1C2 Ty-Dy Socks and the colors were screaming my name. So I guess I have yet another sock on the needles and I have absolutely no will-power!

Ty-Dy sock!

BTW, before anyone freaks out, this is not my foot but a plastic foot model that was a bit too small,  I added tape to make it bigger, which is why you can see tape on the foot.

My favorites

19 09 2008

I started putting together my favorite pictures from Flickr. Here are a few from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Monday  Favorites 09/15/08

1. Hedghog Love, 2. NOMs, 3. magical three, 4. Pretty Spun BFL, 5. day 9 of 365 : new fashion trend for fall ’08?, 6. Pillow shams, 7. the cards are in!, 8. piratenbraut-001, 9. patchpill, 10. last batch!, 11. Milan Jacket, 12. harvest your acorns { olive } : brick patchwork pillow cover, 13. 3 new pillows, 14. little brown pen, 15. fall_girl, 16. Gentleman’s Fancy Sock, 17. More for me, 18. The little house wristlet, 19. DSC00820, 20. Mushroom buttons, 21. harvest day (17/365.2), 22. snail, 23. aviator bunnies, 24. The Things We Do For Gauge, 25. ten things :: aunty cookie, 26. Finel mushroom bowl, 27. Large 50s aluminum pear canister, 28. Errol Le Cain – Thorn Rose, 29. Nie Auction Calendar, 30. mushroom sampler

Monday  Favorites 09/08/08

1. BFL Bobbins, 2. P1000262, 3. A Simple Striped Blanket: all done, 4. animal-clock-close, 5. Baby Set, 6. pickets, 7. dahlia, 8. Chevalier, 9. New favourite fabric, 10. printed doll, 11. Pinky McGee, 12. ” OH NO ! YOU AGAIN !!! “, 13. Dresden Mod doll quilt, 14. Fairytale horses, 15. Gurion On display, 16. Pile of crochet motifs

My Favorites (09/01/08)

1. Gurion On display, 2. Pile of crochet motifs, 3. cute face cupcakes, 4. coconut ice, 5. my version, 6. Funky Carolina BFL, 7. Mom’s Hemlock Ring, 8. Floral Columns for Jess, 9. Potpourri, 10. all day tote, 11. birds in bowls, 12. February Lady Sweater, 13. manasquan nj, 14. Whit’s Knits: Coco’s Bobble Dress, 15. Handspun Bockstark merino in As You Wish, 16. o*, 17. Noro Socks, 18. New Denyse Schmidt!, 19. Irises, 20. IMG_5462, 21. Twinkle king progress, 22. Sneak Peek – October Yarn 4 Socks Sock Club, 23. almost time!, 24. BOUGAINVILLA pure plied silk, 25. lace, 26. helena, 27. on the counter, 28. Why I hate taking FO shots of socks, 29. Treeology art quilt 1/3, 30. full-quilt, 31. leaning tower of single socks., 32. birdies-pattern 02, 33. Autumn in the park – art quilt, 34. finally coaxed out into the open, 35. Two stripes hand dyed fabric, 36. Untitled

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I sold my spinning wheel. The new owner picked it up today… I’m sad. But I guess I’m happy to know that it will be well loved. I sold all my rovings but two from Persimmon Tree Farm that I bought last year at Rhinebeck. They’re both 50% wool, 50% mohair and I would love it if I could find a new home for them soon. Let me know if you’re interested, I would really appreciate it!

WIP Wednesday

17 09 2008

After horrifying a lot of you with a picture of 6 single socks I cast on for 2 new socks… Don’t worry, they’re not new, new socks, but the mates to two of my 6 singles.

I cast on for one charted pattern to work at home while watching TV and one plain stockinette one for when I’m on the road or just waiting around.

2 matching socks

The sock on the left is Knitterly Things Vesper Sock yarn that I got in this summer’s sock club knit in a plain stockinette with afterthought heel. The one on the right is Lotus Yarns Aura in Walking With a Ghost in the Snowflake lace pattern.  I’ve noticed that most patterns go much faster the second time around and a few months down the road, and this time is not an exception. I knit the first Snowflake Lace sock back in January and now, 8-9 months later, the lace pattern goes much faster.

After finally making a decision on the color, knitting gauges to find the right needle size, I finally cast on for my Calvert. After discussing with a friend the feasability, I decided to cast on for the cardigan in the round, not in pieces. I tell you, casting on almost 300 stitches does take time! Especially when you finish your long tail cast on and then go on and cut off the wrong tail and have to start all over again!

Each row takes about forever but I have 4 rows of ribbing done! And after finishing the ribbing I get to start decreasing, so I’m looking forward to that time.


I’m quite happy with the yarn, I am using Sublime extra fine merino dk, which is basically the same yarn as the recommended yarn. I picked a nice yellow that I think will be nice and cheery to knit and wear but still neutral enough to act as a basic sweater that can go with a lot of things. At least that’s what I’m hoping!

So I’ll try not to cast on anything else for a while, or at least until I’ve got some good progress done on this sweater.

Spinning wheel for sale… SOLD

14 09 2008

After a lot of hard thinking on my part, I have finally decided that one of my hobbies had to go. Since it was the one that took the most room and the one I was doing the least, I decided that it was spinning that would have to go. I’m a little sad but I think it’s best that way. I spent the afternoon taking photos of my fiber stash and of my spinning wheel and listed the lot with prices for sale.

Here are the details:

Up for sale:

Fricke S-160- DT

Easy delta orifice is standard. The frame is made of various hardwoods, such as ash, white or red oak. Wheel is MDF with attractive wood grain finish on both sides. Includes 4 bobbins

Fricke DT Spinning Wheel

Was bought for $321 back in April 07, used a handful of times

Will include:

2 additional bobbins (retail $12.50 each)
1 Ashford precision lazy kate (retail 32.50)
1 72” skein unfinished niddy noddy (retail $19.50)
1 30” skein finished niddy noddy (retail $14.00)
1 Yarn WPI gauge (retail $6.00)
1 lamb’s tail strand holder (retail $10.00)

Total value $428

Will sell the lot for $350 to someone in the New England area, willing to pick up or to meet part way.

Also for sale:

Various spinning fibers, Crown Mountain Farm, Spunky Eclectic, Grafton Fibers, A Piece of Vermont and more.

For pictures of the wheel, the fibers and accessories click here. If you have any questions, email me at cabrera underscore val at hotmail dot com or pm me on Ravelry (knittinginpink). I’m more than willing to combine fibers together and give you a good deal, just let me know what you’re interested in.

Thanks for looking!

Big project ahead!

11 09 2008

It’s been over a year since my last big project, and I think it’s time for a new one. A few weeks ago I received an email from Berocco advertising their latest booklet by Norah Gaughan, Woodland Gothic. I liked quite a few of the patterns but didn’t much more of it. Last Monday, I saw it again for real at the Iron Horse Farm store where Debbie was having an anniversary sale. After browsing through the patterns I fell in love with 4 patterns in the booklet and decided that Woodland Gothic was going home with me!

Woodland Gothic

My 4 favorites are Eastlake, Loppem, Assemblage and Calvert.

Norah Gaughan Calvert

Calvert is the one I will be knitting first, Loppem probably next. I even picked the yarn I wanted to use for it, except I can’t decide which color…

Which color to pick for Calvert

The yarn I can use is either Sublime extra fine merino dk or Sublime cashmere merino silk dk, in one of these 4 colors. My favorites are the grey and the darker pink, but the yellow could be really pretty too I think. What’s your favorite?

4 pretty colors

Click on the photo to see notes about the name of each colorway.

Now, even though I’d love to wear this sweater to Rhinebeck, I know it’s not going to happen. But maybe I’ll have a nice new sweater to wear at Christmas!