Spinning Monday

25 06 2007

The 3-ply I plied last Monday. I still have a bit of the purple roving to spin and then I’ll be able to finish plying the rest.

I’ve also made a couple buttons if you are interested in joining in “Spinning Monday”. Here is my favorite:


You can find two more here and here. Feel free to save it to your own server if you’d like one!

Although I haven’t been spinning much I have been knitting.

I’ve finished a pair of socks. I admit that I didn’t blog about them at all, they just got listed in the sidebar. The pattern was the June Sockamania pattern, designed by Anni Design and the name is River Valley.

River Valley Sockamania June Pattern

The pattern is really pretty and very easy to remember. It was quite fun to knit. I’d definitely knit it again, although with more of a solid or semi-solid yarn.

Sock #1 was knit between June 7 and 15. Sock #2 was knit between June 17 and June 23.
Yarn: Two Waters Fiberworks in a merino/silk blend. Possibly the Geranium colorway
Pattern: River Valley socks by Anni Design for Sockamania Club KAL
Mods: none

I immediately cast on for an plain sock to carry around with me as my other sock currently on the needles is my Sockapalooza sock where the pattern demands a bit more of my attention.

Yarntini Home

The yarn is Yarntini in self-striping in the Home colorway. On a side note, I’m super thrilled to say that the store is going to be carrying Yarntini starting sometimes in July. It won’t be the self striping yarns but the variegated ones. I really can’t wait! : )

Spinning Monday

18 06 2007

I didn’t think I was going to be able to show much today, so I had taken some pictures of what I’ll be spinning next.

Perchance to Knit roving

This is some Corriedale roving that I bought from Perchance to Knit‘s roving destash a few days ago. I was so excited about it that I started drafting it right away, I didn’t even take a “before” picture. The lightest color is actually a silver. Although these colors are very unlike what I’m drawn to I loved the mix of the brown, orange, yellow and silver.

Although I was prepared to only show you the new roving I decided that I would finish spinning up the pink merino and I did. And I couldn’t even wait to finish spinning the purple roving, I had to see what the 3-ply would look, right away.

3 ply3ply pink/purple/black

It’s my second 3 ply and is again not very pretty. But I love the color combination of the purple, pink and black. I did have some issues with the merino, but I’m getting slowly better at it. Now I just want to finish spinning the purple so I can finish 3 plying and get on to the Corriedale! : )

Spinning Monday

11 06 2007

I haven’t been spinning at all since last Monday. Been pretty busy knitting socks and my Fitted Tank. The Tank is done as of today and two socks need a heel. But since I said I would show you spinning on Mondays I will. Wouldn’t do go to stop on the second week already!

Here’s what is currently on the bobbins:


On the left is pink merino and on the right is the purple Ashland Bay wool top. I was told that Merino wasn’t that much harder to spin so I decided that I’d give it a try. I haven’t had much success with it so far so I only have this done:


and this much of the other:


I will be 3 plying these two with this:


Hopefully it wont look too bad! : )

I need to give another try to the Merino, I think that I need to predraft it even more than I already have, maybe that will help me a bit. Now that the Tank is done I’ll be able to get some spinning done this week and hopefully will have something more to show next Monday.


Other people have started a Spinning/Handspun Monday, check it out! Maybe we need a button!

Spinning Monday

4 06 2007

From now on, I’m hoping to post spinning stuff on Mondays, so welcome to my first “Spinning Monday”!

Today I’m going to show you what I finished just a few days ago.

This is the Mystery Bump from Still River Mills that I purchased at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool back in April. I was attracted to the various colors of the bump; yellow, cherry red, purple and black. I was a little disappointed when I noticed that the first two colors were only at the beginning of the bump and nowhere else. The rest of the bump was just black and purple, although it was pretty nonetheless. The bump was a mix of alpaca and Border Leicester and/or Romney. It was quite easy to spin and the alpaca was super soft. I decided to spin 3 2oz sections and 3-ply them together. The resulting yarn was about 250 yds of DKish weight.


You can see if you click on the picture to make it bigger a bit of the yellow and cherry red sections.

I spun up the remaining ounce or so of the mystery bump and am now spinning this:

Ashland Bay Trading Co. colonial wool top

I bought this roving along with a drop spindle last summer and I believe it is Ashland Bay Trading Co. colonial wool top. Once I’m done spinning it I will ply it together with the rest of the mystery bump. I am tempted though, to 3 ply it with the pink merino I received a while back. I wonder what it will look like?